New Start of Dance / ダンスの新しい出発


Now we know that a new generation of circus like “Modern Circus” by Camille Boitel in France is making a dashing appearance. It gives an image of “Opera of New Era” to us and it aims the integration of several fields. And, on the Interne a virtual idol like Miku Hatsune is making a dashing appearance too and she is pioneering the new interests of the people who want to express themselves through more new way. Also, like Bjork, a famous singer in Iceland, we know several earnest trials to expand the arts. Also, we can find a new possibility and a new start in “Dance” too if we give a different reading of the function of the dance.



If we re-understand a “Dance” as “Creation of Posture”, “Dance” goes to what everyone in the world does “Creation and Adjustment of Posture” as their behaviors unconsciously every day. And, as Space Tube keeps an ability to change the general public including the kids to an improvised dancer, so we can find a way for us to bring Space Tube to 7.5 billion people worldwide. Shoes and socks are the daily necessities of people all over the world. Everyone wants to take a bath preferably every day. Can Space Tube be like shoes, socks or baths? I want to invent magic for that.

ダンスを「姿勢の創造」と読み解けば、ダンスは世界中のあらゆる人びとが毎日無意識にやっていること、「姿勢の創造と調整」に行き当たる。スペースチューブがふつうの人びとを即席のダンサーにする力をもつことから、世界の75億人にスペースチューブを届ける方法が出てくる。くつやくつ下は世界中の人びとの毎日の必需品である。誰でもお風呂にも、できれば毎日入りたい。スペースチューブも、くつやくつ下やお風呂のようにできないか? そのための魔法を発明したい。


It is common to both the poor and the rich that “Body is a Daily Concern of People in the world”. The pain of one and the same body gives “Distortion” common to both, and its recovery creates a common “Smile”. As such a body is “Remodeled” to the extent that he or she can’t be aware of, “Ambiguous” and “Sense of Confusion” progresses, a new device that realizes its recovery appears and a new body care method needs to be established. Because if our body shake, all our life will be unsettled.



I am conceived about “SPACE MUSEUM” as a place to respond to such the requests as follows;


“SPACE MUSEUM ” is a place of experience, a place of design, a place of informing that presents the results of those to the world. And it is a place of education to train the pillars.



For the above purpose, I adopt a collaboration based on “Dance + Architecture + Design + Information”. Our modern era will become an era where collaboration by other fields is required. That is because we deal with “New Problem Groups” that can’t be solved by the previous methods. For that reason, the experts who deal with that need to be updated their expertise. Finally, our world has also come into an era where free collaboration is possible through collaboration of senses. Conceptually, the artists and scientists live in different worlds, but in the world of sensations the two are surprisingly close, and it is no contradiction that one person doubles as both. Those who had been forced to walk separately in various circumstances, but now they are asked to walk together for the first time, so they are very surprised to this big change. Such a new era is coming.



And, it is the space dancer that plays an important role in “Space Museum”. This is because space dancers are evaluated socially as one of “Body Experts”, they are the persons who precede “Tacit Knowledge”, and stand at the closest position to express “Tacit Knowledge” as the information. The space dancers train their body skills day by day and study to float a body a bit, they are doing “Creation of Posture ~ Formation of Form” which people can’t do in the everyday life. Today, we have special value to “Tacit Knowledge” cultivated in floating the body a bit, in the information society, in the aged society, and in the space age. However, this value has never been socialized, it has been left secret in the narrow world of performing arts of dance.



As long as the dancers have the intention of informing “Tacit Knowledge” that they have cultivated, they can open a “New Function” suitable for the 21st century and can be active as a social entity as well as the Bauhaus architects in the first half of the 20th century. Because the importance of the dancers who shoulder “Tacit Knowledge” increase dramatically in the information society. If the creation and adjustment of “Posture” becomes a daily theme for people all over the world, the dancers who are doing it every day will be tied in a new way to the people, and the utility of dance will draw attention in their lives.



Therefore, even in such a case, if there is no reflection on the 20th century art system, and if we interpret about dance only like “Dancers are the persons who create the beautiful movements that can’t be realized by ordinary people on the stage” it is boring just by comparing the superiorities between the humans, we see only the differentiation between a dancer and ordinary people. So, more than that, if we interpret about dance like “Dancers are the persons who recollect a history of the evolution of the life, and depend on its recollection they challenge the creation of the new postures through dance movements. They are pioneers who develop the vision of the body for the tomorrow”, it will be useful for ordinary people and it will show a new spread. From now, limiting the use of dance will make dance a boring one.



If it is true that space development, biometric remodeling, robot development, virtual space development, elderly people’s culture development are all difficult to understand for the general public, the dancers have a lot of opportunities. Then, if they realize collaboration, they will catch the opportunity to create “New Dance”. Even in Laban’s school in London, which is famous for its high level of dance education, only a few graduates can enter the world famous dance troupe, and other graduates can’t get jobs. Even if they get a job at such a troupe, the timing of their retirement is incredibly early. The circumstances are the same also at the university’s dance faculties around the world, and there is no witness to boldly show contradiction of contemporary dance education so much. The time is coming to address new demands.