Ana’s Death and Rebirth / アナの死と再生


In Mexico City, Anna, who made me feel the high potential as a space dancer. Anna, who looks at people with incredibly beautiful and strong eyes. But, I got a sad news that Anna died after my leaving to Japan. I still can’t believe, she was so young and so fine. The dead Anna has become a member of the same Extra Dimension that Elena lives in, so she appears in my work many times.



How many people have died on our planet so far? The number of dead is just enormous. The world’s population continues to grow and is expected to reach 8 billion soon. I compared the world to an “Expanding Sphere,” and thought that the world of the living exists on the “Surface of the Earth” while the world of the dead exists “Inside the Earth“. Then, as time progresses, the “Surface of the Earth” expands, but how much does the “Inside of the Earth” expand? It is difficult to imagine even if it can be shown numerically. The number of deaths increases exponentially.



The older I get, the more Ana-like beings, including my Elena, the “Inside of Sphere” continue to expand. In such a vast world, how can I find her? I thought. To meet her, I need to think of her and draw her. I felt that its reality determines the “Quality” of the encounter with her. In one painting of her, she wears “Water Wings” on her naked back and dances innocently at the beach.

私が年を取るほど、アナのような存在が増え、「球の内部」も膨張を続ける。そんな広大な世界の中で、彼女をどうやって探せばいいのか? 私は、考えた。彼女に会うためには、彼女を想うこと。そして、彼女を描くこと。そのリアルさが彼女との出会いの「質」を決めるのだと私は感じている。彼女を描いた一枚の絵では、彼女は裸の背中に「水の翼」をつけ、海辺で無心にダンスしている。

Beautiful Death / 美しい死

Princess, Mimimono-toji of Shinobu Orikuchi’s “Book of the Dead“. After she had finished to sew a kimono for the ghost of a prince who had been shivering for the cold, she left a house alone with a tear on her cheek. I image that she did her necessary job, then she throwed herself into the reiver and went to a surplus dimension where her loved one live. It is a “Beautiful Death“. For such a death, any specific method of death will be acceptable.