SPACE DANCE in the ROBOTIC UNIVERSE / スペースダンス・イン・ザ・ロボティックユニバース

Dance & Design
/ スペースダンス・イン・ザ・ロボティックユニバース

■ Video / ビデオ作品

New Entertainment in the Era of Information Society and Space Age

Tetsuro Fukuhara / 福原哲郎

■ Mission / ミッション

Inspired by a mysterious word of artist Shusaku Arakawa as “If you can’t produce something after your dance, maybe you feel the emptiness?“, with a concept of “Dance & Design“, I composed “SPACE DANCE in the ROBOTIC UNIVERSE” where the design is born after dance.

美術家・荒川修作の「ダンスの後に何も生まれていないと、虚しいのでは?」という不思議な言葉に霊感を受けたことから、 「ダンス & デザイン」というコンセプトを掲げ、ダンスの後にデザインが誕生する『スペースダンス・イン・ザ・ロボティックユニバース』 を構成しました。

I composed “Space Dance in the Robotic Universe” with 12 chapters and 3 main characters of this work, Author – Tetsuro Fukuhara / Space Dance Artist, APAROS – Author’s Alter Ego, and ELENA – Author’s premature lover keep “growing” through the updates of this work.

作品は 全12章から構成され、「姿勢の進化史・水の翼・流体家具・姿勢支援ロボット」等のデザインが誕生します。そして、作品の更新を通じてこれらのデザインが成長すると共に、作品の主人公である作者(福原哲郎 / スペースダンスアーティスト)作者の分身ロボット・アパロス作者の早死にした恋人・エレナの3者も、この作品の更新を通じて「成長」を続けます。


12 chapters / 全12章

Chapter 1 MEMORY / 記憶

In accordance with the dancer’s sensitive movements from inside who wears an animal mask, the dancer’s brain are stimulated and the images of various creatures are revived in the dancer’s memory. The dancer feels the changes and try to express the image of “History of Posture’s Evolution“. 



Chapter 2 WALKING DANCE / ウォーキングダンス

Dancer creates “Most gentle walking in the world” and forms the amicable relationship between the feet and the ground to experience the “Miracle of Bipedalism“. In order to deepen the experience, pursue unique and individual movements and use the tools if necessary.



Chapter 3 “PARADISE in the LITTLE MOVING” / 

Dancer experiences the energy that controls movement and expands like a snowball. Overlapping “small movement” on “small movement” leads to “Paradise in Movement”. And, dancer knows the “Hidden Unknown Movement’s World” in dance movements, then the dancer touches the top of dance by the continuation of “Little Moving” and realizes “PARADISE, freedom possible all movements in all directions” with a big joy. Dancer reaches a climax of dance and gets back the “Wildness” lost in the life.



Chapter 4 “Open a BODY in the SKY” /

Intimating the existence of “Elena in Extra Dimension“. This is a restrained “Dance of Beauty“. As the dance progresses, we can see “Water Wings” on their naked back. These wings give them the freedom to go anywhere.



Chapter 5 “SURPLUS DIMENSION” / 余剰次元

Dancer creates “Boundary” in the center of Space Tube depending on how the dancer moves, and discovers “Extra Dimension” that overlap with the real world. Dancer is surprised to find “Extra Dimension” exist so close to the dancer and pass through dancer’s body. And, the dancer experiences strange sensations that “Extra Dimension” are consisted by the substances that are different from the substances that make up real world. 



Chapter 6 “STRANGE FRUIT” / 奇妙な果実

Dancer encounters “Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens” that emerge from the “Boundary”. Dancer who sees their existence with dancer’s own eye is confused at first and secondly keenly become aware that the dancer is now being asked to renew the worldview. They beg the dancer for something, also they seduce the dancer.



Chapter 7 “FLUID FURNITURE” / 流体家具

Dancer awakens to the new possibility of humans, and designs “Fluid Furniture” by the dance movements that is the impetus for human evolution getting the cooperation from “Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens.” Dancer integrates this furniture and creates the strange postures that has never been experienced before, “between standing and sitting“, and “between sitting and lying“. 

ダンサーは、人間の新しい可能性に目覚め、 「失われた動物たち・死者たち・異星人たち」 の協力により、人間進化の機縁となる「流体家具」を自分のダンスの動きによってデザインする。ダンサーは、家具と一体化し、「立つと座るの間」に、また「座ると寝るの間」に、これまで体験したことがない奇妙な姿勢を形成する。


Chapter 8 “AFFINITY” / 親和性

Dancer and “Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens” come together and celebrate the birth of “Fluid Furniture”. “Fluid Furniture” is what they are looking for too, and they want to choice a same way in the direction of humans evolution with “New Posture” that “Fluid Furniture” offer. When the dancer and they work together, “New Music” will be born.



Chapter 9 “STANDING ZEN” / 立ち上がる禅

Dancer who leaves Space Tube meditates on new theories and methods that are thought to be necessary for humans evolution, wears “Aparos” developed for the creation of alter ego as a robot suit, and stands up slowly. This a “Declaration of Future” by the dancer.



Chapter 10 “WALKING DANCE 2” /

Posture Simulation for Post-Human. Assuming that the dancer will travel to space in the very near future, the dancer wears the robot suit(Aparos) and plays with “Fluid Furniture” and challenges to realize “New Dance, Creating Various Postures” in a less-gravity condition. 



Chapter 11 “CATHARSIS” / カタルシス

Dancer meets “Alien Elena” who also challenge to  realize same “New Dance, Creating Various Postures”, recognizes each other as a partner who realize “Ideal Love“, and the dancer reaches to “Catharsis” through deo with Elena. The love of the two determines the direction of the universe on which they depart.



Chapter 12 “FLOWER” / 花

Dancer, wearing “Aparos”, travels to space together with Elena and many “Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens” through the passageways in Extra Dimension. A large number of “Flowers” pour on the ground.


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