SPACE CULTURE / スペースカルチャー

With the development of medical care, it is said that the average life expectancy will eventually reach 120 years, mainly in developed countries. This is the arrival of the so-called “Immortal World.” The life plan of “I will retire at the age of 60 to 70, and then enjoy my remaining life” will be completely obsolete. However, it can be said that there is an opportunity for the elderly. In other words, as long as the elderly are aware of their “advantages of maturity of wisdom“, it is a chance for the elderly to escape from their status as the weakest in society. These themes 1 to 6 below should be of immediate interest to elderly people, and depending on how we approach them, we can demonstrate our unique abilities as an elderly person. In this department of “SPACE CULTURE“, putting elderly people at the forefront, together with them, let’s take on challenges, engage in the “Work” necessary to correct global culture and create space culture, and create a “Creative Life” that will keep us busy and enriched every day.



Today, Image generation AI has evolved to the point where it can output images of people, things, and scenery that don’t actually exist at a level that feels almost “real.” At this time, our important task is not to argue over the superiority of the “real” and the “virtual,” but to create a “virtual” that has the power to invade the real world and transform it. The goal is to bring about a “New Reality”.


We are currently working on a project to develop a “Robot with a Mind” and grow it as our “Alter Ego“. A “Robot with a Mind” has not yet been developed in the world, and a human’s “Alter Ego” would not have appeared yet.


An artificial body would be a special target for elderly people who wish to live beyond the age of 120. “Genome Editing” to create “New Human Species” has already started. With the use of iPS cells, human cloning, and regenerative medicine, humans will definitely be able to obtain the artificial bodies they desire in the near future.


When will humans be able to stop “War“, which we have come to recognize as “Foolish Endeavors“? In our world, there are still leaders are overflowing obsessed with old ambitions of “Territorial Expansion“. What kind of “Method” is needed to stop “War”? Are the methods that we think are effective? We have started creating a “War Eradication Simulation“.

人間はいつ、「愚かな試み」と認識するに至った「戦争」をやめる事が出来るのでしょうか? 私たちの世界には、今だ「領土拡張」という古い野望に取り憑かれた指導者たちが溢れています。「戦争」をやめる為にはどんな「方法」が必要でしょうか? 私たちが考えるその「方法」に実効性があるでしょうか? 私たちは「戦争撲滅シュミレーション」の作成を開始しています。

In order to stop the destruction of the global environment, it is urgently necessary to realize energy conversion, carbon dioxide emission reduction, forest protection, and assistance to developing countries. And at the same time, “Overeating Body Modification” and “Inventing a New Way of Life” will also be necessary, although no one is advocating it loudly. We have started creating a “Global Environment Improvement Simulation“.


In order to develop space culture, it is essential not to bring the negative aspects of earth culture into space. The current policy of the leaders of the world’s great powers, who are trying to take Earth’s wars into space, is the worst. They can’t understand space culture and don’t have the self-awareness necessary as humans. And, for developing space culture, it will be necessary to freely adjust the gravity in the 0G to 1G environment to realize “Creation of New Postures” and to give birth to “New Species of Humans“. When humans begin to exist as a “New Species” and start working together for “Development” with other aliens, humans will recognize they realize for the first time that they will be able to success in developing space culture.


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