Big Family as a connected Space Race / 大きな家族、つながった宇宙人種として


Even when the Space Race is born, If they will be born irrespective of the intelligence and technology which the human beings of the earth invades into the universe, and what is also the serious distress the cosmic race feels If one can not be involved, after all, I think that the efforts of the humans will end helplessly. Because, if human’s intelligence and technology are effective to the universe as well, it must be technically involved in the birth of the Space Race and it will have some influence, and even if the Space Race is not a child by human’s science and technology, I hope it is due to extension of the humans at the very least, or a mixture, and it should keep close ties with us now. I want such a familiar relationship to exist between our human and the Space Race.



In the “Dream of Evolution” that I draw, the Space Race born from the union of Ilkai and Elena is the gift of human’s intelligence and technology, and even if several countries that carry the folding of the earth into the universe are mixed, there is no problem. The universe is vast and the direction in which the crowds will advance is a mystery to them and the direction of advance is different. Even if they encounter it, since the space where both of them exist has different dimensions, they don’t touch each other directly. So it will not be any warfare there. It is because the weapons that are applicable in the 4D world don’t pass in other surplus dimensions [C-43]. In other words, the people who entered the universe live in different space dimensions due to the difference in their degree of culture, they flourish and perish in different places. And those who could notice their foolishness can start again at “Departure Point” as many times as they want.



Through repetition of such adventure, those who have advanced into space can be trained, and the place where they advanced can be made into a place of new settlement. Also, we will create a new community among those who acquire new settlement sites. Even if each lives in a completely separate universe, it is a common “New Seed” as the same cosmic race, and there is something to empathize with. Through this sympathy, they become members of the “Big Family” of the universe.