月別アーカイブ: 2021年12月

When the Time comes / 時が来れば


When the time comes, will humans return to the sea like whales and dolphins? Or will they succeed in their journey to space by creating new designs that did not exist in human history?

時が来れば、人間は、クジラやイルカのように海に還るのか? 或いは、人間の歴史には存在しなかった新しいデザインを誕生させることで、宇宙への旅立を成功させるのか?


Humans could get a very characteristic evolution as human beings different from the monkey realized by a design of “Chair for the Sitting”. Then, they could develop a new culture. In my story I adopted a hypothesis that “Posture is a Womb for Creating Culture”. In this hypothesis each fish, amphibian, quadruped animal, bird, monkey, human have each cultures depend on each postures. So, the culture is not a monopoly of humans. In this meaning “Posture” is one of very important keywords in my story.

人間は、「坐るための椅子」をデザインすることで、 サルとは違う人間としての特有の進化を決定づけ、新しい文化を誕生させた。私の「物語」では、魚・両生類・四足動物・鳥・サル・人間のそれぞれにおいて、それぞれの姿勢に応じた文化が存在するという、「姿勢は文化創造の母胎である」という「仮説」を採用している。つまり、文化とは人間の独占物ではない。そのために「姿勢」が重要なキーワードになっている。


Humans could perfect the bipedalism well, so they could notice a special value of the sitting. And for supporting this behavior such a sitting humans could start to create “Chair for the Sitting”. Its awareness and its creation are estimated highly as “Design’s Behavior that developed Human’s Characteristic Evolution”. Indeed, not only humans but also monkey could sit on the rock, on the grass, on the tree, and on other every location. However, it is only human beings that bother to make the man-made article “Chair” and only human sit on it.



What is the difference between when humans sit on an artificial object named “Chair” and on other natural objects? Of course it is not only the theme about the comfortable sitting. Frankly speaking, humans could get an ability of “Looking Objectively”. In short, through the sitting on “Chair”, they could expand the body to the world, and at its point they could meet “Nature” again. Then, humans could start to look “Nature” and “Earth” including the body objectively.



This ability of “Looking Objectively” generated the definite difference between our humans and the monkey and other animals at my “A Story constituted on One Hundred Hypotheses”. In the end, by this ability, only humans could start to look our existence on the ground with a “View from Outside”. Its first fruits of this view were an invention of “God” and an occurrence of “Religion.”


Humans, through this ability of “Looking Objectively” could start to live into the universe as a spirit at the same time humans existed on the earth, and humans start to look same person who lived on the earth. Humans has been getting a new “Mind” different from the monkey and other animals.



In this way, when the humans have a new “Mind” and come up with a new design necessary for space advancement from insights into “Chair”, the humans exist on the ground and at the same time look at themselves from space, and the humans take the first step toward “Next Evolution”, and get on a “New Boat” that no one has seen yet.


About LOVE / 愛について


America’s first female cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead sent a life full of dread. Due to the talent that she loves everyone deeply, she had many friends, she had fall in love many times, she got deeply hurt and got the great pleasures. She married with Gregory Bateson, and made a child and divorced. This is a meaningful poem by Ruth Benedict she quoted;


  All that we have is the time that two wonderful living steps are attracted to each other’s investigation and carved one tempo.


The relationship between Margaret and Ruth also progressed secretly as a relationship of love, and Margaret wrote that “The moment of intelligent opening of eyes is similar to falling in love.”



Philosopher Arendt Hannah was a disciple of Heidegger. Heidegger taught her thoroughly about “How important is to think by yourself”, she resonated deeply with this thought. In the open court asking Eichmann Adolf’s crime of Nazi war criminal warrant about how Eichmann is not a brutal human being but a mediocre person who just merely thinks not to think himself by complying with power. Then she received a great bashing from the press and public opinion that they wanted to thoroughly criticize the cruelty of Eichmann. However, Arendt bounced off this bashing. She has shown herself over how long it is that there are cases where it is sometimes how big negative chains may be caused by not thinking about important issues on our own and leaving it to others. We need to take responsibility ourselves for what we did. However, if we cease thinking ourselves, that trace will not remain in our mind and we can’t take responsibility for it. It is pointed out by Arendt that Eichmann was a good example.


And, when we see the movie of Arendt, we know another her theme underlying her life is love. Arendt loved Heidegger on a young day when she met him. Arendt in a young age, she was staring to Heidegger with an expression of euphoria. The expression is beautiful and impressive. Her husband who has continued to support her still knows that her love is alive in her heart and it is sad. He can’t change its love. But Arendt’s love to Heidegger is purely spiritual and it does not break the relationship with him. Arendt still loves her husband and needs him. That’s why he also accepts her. Such challenges frequently occur in our life. Having subjects of spiritual love will enrich our lives. But it is painful for our partner to have it. What to do? People in such a situation will be tested to their fullest extent of their ability to adjust.

そして、アーレントの映画を見ればわかるように、彼女の人生の底流になっているもう一つのテーマが、愛。アーレントはハイデッガーと出会った若き日に、彼を愛した。ハイデッガーを陶酔の表情で見つめていた若き日のアーレント。その表情は美しく、印象的だ。彼女を支え続けた夫も、いまでも彼女の心にその愛が生きていることを知り、それが悲しい。彼にはその愛をどうすることも出来ない。しかし、アーレントのハイデッガーに対する愛は純粋に精神的なもので、彼との関係を壊すものではない。アーレントは依然として夫を愛し、彼を必要としている。だから彼も彼女を受け入れていく。人生にはたびたびこのような難題が起きる。精神的な愛の対象をもつことは人生を豊かにする。しかし、それを自分のパートナーがもっていることは辛い。どうするか? 人は、このような局面で、自分の調整能力を最大限に試される。


  It is necessary for everyone as much as Love, and there is nothing to bother. It is as close as possible, none is impossible in the distance for Love.


I also had one of themes to live seeking “Impossible Love” on the way of my life.


My first girlfriend when I was a high school student, died at the age of 23 and I knew her death when I was 40, this event was a big shock to me. Since then, she has grown bigger and bigger in my heart. Because I knew at that time that no woman was as good as the spiritual partner I wanted. Now she is a magician to me, she appears with different charm figures everywhere I go, and she haunts me.


I gave a nickname “Elena” to her, this subject of love and I started to looking for her. Now I believe she lives in a surplus dimension with silence. I feel that Elena is quiet as long as she appears in our world, because she lives in quiet another world.



As Bjork sings “I am lonely without you, but I have not met you yet”, people are waiting for the appearance of “You” that they don’t meet yet? Love is one of the driving forces of human activity, no one can avoid passing. Especially, since Love is putting out their souls unprotected to the opponent, so if we make a mistake for selecting a partner, we hurt each other soul and fight each other with a bitter experience. Still, no matter how much we discipline, we can’t withdraw from Love. And we will be more deep our thoughts on “You” where Bjork sings whenever we have a bad time.



Love is a condition when I am living with a new unified existences, no difference between I and others. A world filled with Love is truly happy, it looks same but quite different. A world lost Love suddenly changes to the emptiness.


What is Expected New Dance Generation? / 期待される新世代ダンスとは?


It is amazing to the reality that “Butoh Dancers” are surprisingly increasing all over the world. That is a witness in the today’s dance world that “Freedom” is craving for it. However, simply enjoying “Freedom” can not reach “Expected Social Value = Cultural Commodity” as expected by Hijikata Tatsumi, and “Expected New Dace Generation” which is required to us now.



Hijikata Tatsumi aimed to position Butoh as traditional arts like Noh and Kabuki in Japan. His “Butoh with Darkness” is said to be “Beauty of Form“, 80 percent of which was completed. After the death of Hijikata, in order to complete the remaining 20 percent, it was needed a disciple, Yoko Ashikawa, but unfortunately its road was cut off for another reason.



As Akira Kasai’s “Butoh Improvisation” that I studied did not have the possibility of “Social Value = Cultural Commodity” like “Beauty of Form” that Hijikata aimed for, it only says “Freedom” and instantaneously flashes just letting it go was ruined. Although it was a short period, Kasai was loved by Yukio Mishima, and there were activities like Kira by young improvising Butoh dancers. However, its record is not correctly preserved in Butoh history.



The specificity of Kazuo Ohno was that, as one of Butoh founders, he was able to inherit the “Beauty of form” of Hijikata despite being basically an improviser. And, he got on the trend of the era of running the forerunner of the expected elderly culture. In these two points the secret of its success is summarized. It is a miraculous case. Therefore, no matter how much overseas butoh drunken in Ohno, it is not easy to get “Beauty of Form” for them, and much less anyone can manipulate the trend of the times.



“Expected New Dance Generation” will be not born from the “Extensions” of “Butoh” and “Contemporary Dance”. Because, maybe we need to get “New Placement” for the dance is essential.



In my case, I took distance from “Butoh with Darkness” and also recognized the limits of “Butoh Improvisation”. Only one thing, my attention was paid to “Affinity Relationship between Body and Space” realized by “Butoh Improvisation”, and this was brought to the birth of Space Dance to create various designs with the theme of “Informationization of Tacit Knowledge“. Space dance can be said to be one of the candidates of “Expected New Dance Geration” in the sense that dance has been read from the viewpoint of “Creation of Posture“.

私の場合は、暗黒舞踏からも距離を取り、即興舞踏の限界も認識した。ただ一つ、即興舞踏が実現する「身体と空間の親和的関係」に注目し、これを「身体知の情報化」をテーマとして「ダンス & デザイン」をコンセプトとして掲げ、諸々のデザインを誕生させるスペースダンスの誕生に漕ぎつけた。スペースダンスは、「姿勢の創造」という観点からダンスを読み替えたという意味において、「期待される新世代ダンス」の一つであると言えるだろう。


To the best of my knowledge, there are foreign dancers who pursue “Beauty of Form” in young generations, but I feel they can’t get the success yet. “Beauty of Form” is unique to Japan, so, still now is it difficult for foreigners to learn? The tradition of Japanese Flowers, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Kendo, Bow, etc., as well as the current overseas fashion of Japanese Food and Bonsai are by the techniques of “Beauty of Form”.

私の知る限り、若手世代にも「形式の美」を追及する外国人舞踏家たちが存在する。しかし、いまだ成功していないように思われる。「形式の美」は、日本独自なもので、外国人には習得が困難なのか? 生け花・茶道・書道・剣道・弓などの伝統をはじめ、日本料理や盆栽の現在の海外での流行も、「形式の美」の成せる技である。


Japanese dancers who don’t carry Butoh are also weak. In the case of young and talented contemporary dancers, even if they go abroad, they are not attracted, even if they succeed its success are temporary and there is no major development in their works. “Parents” of Contemporary Dance are Western countries, so it is no use for them. Therefore, apart from those who don’t expect “Prominence” or those who hide themselves in the Western Dance Troupes, it is difficult to seek a good place in abroad, trapped in Japan and eventually get exhausted. In order to be active as a dancer with originality overseas, there is no way but to realize “Expected New Dance Generation”.



“Young Talented who bear Space Dance” that I should find out are not members of Butoh nor Contemporary Dance, tired of being wasting talents, they are the species who are struggling for “Undiscovered Dance“. Where are they? They must be hiding in the unexpected places.

私が探し出すべき「スペースダンスの担い手たち」も、舞踏にもコンテンポラリーダンスにも属さず、才能の浪費に疲れ果て、「まだ見ぬダンス」を求めてもがいている種族である。彼らはどこにいるのか? 思いがけない場所に潜んでいるに違いない。

Fountain for Originality – Message of Front-Runners / オリジナルの泉~先行者たちのメッセージ

〇 Hokusai, Last Painting / 葛飾北斎、最後の絵

These are the words of the various front-runners of the past and the present that guide me.


〇 Mister Eckhart / マイスター・エックハルト

We need to study the “Internally Retire“. Wherever we are, with whom we are, we need it.


Carl Gustav Jung / カール・グスタフ・ユング

It is important to have some secrets and have one secret to what is impossible. It fills our human’s life with “Non-Personal Numinous.”


〇 Bjork / ビョーク

I am lonely without you, but I have not met with you yet.


〇 Shusaku Arakawa / 荒川修作

If nothing is born after dance, do you feel your dance as a futile event?


〇 Ann Druyan / アン・ドルーヤン

We could invente the tools with terrifying power, but we are totally ignorant of what will happen from now on.


〇 Taruho Inagaki / 稲垣足穂

We can get “Wings” in A-sense. I want to tell about “Future of Matter.”


〇 Albert Einstein / アルベルト・アインシュタイン

Does Time and Space remain even if Matter runs out? Not so, Time and Space along with Matter will disappear.

物質がなくなっても時間と空間は残るのか? そうではなく、時間と空間も、物質と一緒になくなってしまう。

〇 Lisa Randall / リサ・ランドール

The 3 dimensional world we live in is embedded in the 5 dimensional world invisible to the human’s eye. The 5 dimensional world is represented by the vertical, horizontal, height, time of the 3 dimensional world, and fifth dimensional distances.


〇 Carl Sagan / カール・セーガン

Calls, songs, fragrances, shapes, and food preferences. The imprinted memories were written in the DNA and issue a command with great enforcement.


〇 Shigeo Miki / 三木成夫

Fetuses play a history while transforming themselves as if they were memorizing the scenario of the birth and the evolution of the life.


〇 Haruko Ichikawa / 市川春子

It is not a dream that people live in the sea, as long as the shellfish can live in human’s mouths. For biological evolution, the leaps through symbiosis are more powerful than the environmental adaptation. If we walk together with the shellfish, we may open up a new future for the humans.


〇 Laurie Anderson / ローリー・アンダーソン

My work is story telling, the world’s most “Ancient Art Form.”


〇 Temple Grandin / テンプル・グランディン

When somebody speaks to me, his words are instantly translated into pictures. For me, “Visual Thiking” is a tremendous advangage.


〇 Kenichi Imai / 今井賢一

Kukai went to China to seek the spirit of Buddhism when he was young. It must have been an adventure on board a spaceship from our today’s view. For us today, it is necessary to send our alter ego(robot) to the universe and communicate with it.


〇 Hayao Miyazaki / 宮崎駿

Our civilization will die if we don’t change the way of life. Let’s change the house, let’s change the town. Let’s give children a new space and a new time. We will create a nursery that will move children’s body with all senses by naturally without the noticing.


〇 Seigo Matsuoka / 松岡正剛

If we want to make something happen, we should organize 10 people at first. And we should concentrate 5 years with the core members.


〇 Naoto Fukasawa / 深澤直人

How we organize a good relationship between the object, the environment, and people? We need to design its interactions.


〇Kenya Hara / 原研哉

When we can consider the technology at the interface with the senses, the reality will emerge. There will be many interpretations at the boundary between body and environment.


〇 Sei Takeyama / 竹山聖

It is interesting that space moves. Space don’t move as it is. This bathroom is floating in the air and the celling is also empty to the sky, so it makes this bathroom a comfortable space.


〇 Mochio Umeda / 梅田望夫

I want to do something with the person who is most in love with same “Intention“, not with the person who happened to be next door by chance. At the moment I released my plan on the net, one Ukrainian producer said “It is interesting“. That often happens on the net. The excitement and joy are the basis of my motivation.


〇 Hisao Kanze / 観世寿夫

It is dangerous to rely on a specific sponsor. It is because we don’t knw when we will share our destiny with our sponsor.


〇 Minae Mizumura / 水村美苗

Lonely but Free. Wake up, every wish! Wake up, every desire!


〇 Satoshi Fukushima / 福島智

If it is possible, it is better if we can get multiple and multi-layered existence that respects us and protects us.


〇 Mother Teresa / マザー・テレサ

No, i am also married with Jesus. I always feel him around me in my daily life.


〇 Dalai Lama XIV / ダライ・ラマ14世

The moment of death is a time when the deepest and most beneficial internal experiences happen. Death and the process of the death bring the encounters between Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Science.


〇 Keiji Ueshima / 植島啓司

People who could get a long life always had a special stimulus. The most important thing in the definition of the religion is how we can bring in other great powers beyond ourselves.


〇 Hokusai Katsushika / 葛飾北斎

I want to still live more 5 years, because I could find a subject of the following picture.


〇 Arthur C. Clark / アーサー・C・クラーク

Which of those experiences in the universe will bear fruit? It will take at least a million years to get its answer.