Aldrin, I am standing diagonally / オルドリン、斜めに立っている私


For us who pay attention to “Posture“, the testimonies by the astronauts who could land on the moon of gravity 1/6 of the earth are very interesting. It were the important experiences about the close relationship between the body and the gravity, and recognitions that “Posture” is a function of the gravity with their own bodies. In particular, a testimony of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who could realize a moonwalk as the second human tells the fact very clearly, including his expression of “Oh, my body stands at an angle on the moon!”, that how the humans maintain their “Posture” in relation to the gravity.



The humans could renew our recognition of the “Body” by walking on the moon for the first time, including the spacewalk in non-gravity environment at International Space Station. Through this recognition we forces to regain consciousness of the relationship with the gravity which we were not aware of as an unconscious process on the earth, but as a result, we also could learn “the possibility of adjusting the relationship with gravity artificially“.



The “Floating Experience” in non-gravity environment in space is a revolutionary event from the perspective of “Liberation from Gravity“, as many astronauts have already described as an emotional experience since the beginning of the human history. But, from the perspective of our “Space and Culture“, it seems one-sided. This is because, apart from specially trained astronauts, for ordinary humans, everyone should has the same “Posture” in non-gravity environment, so in the sense that the essential “Mood” and individual “Way” that have been realized on the ground cannot be guaranteed. So, its condition will be boring and take away “Individuality” as the humans.



In a world where the human’s “Individuality” is not exhibited, the human’s consciousness gradually will begin to fall sleep, and there will be a risk of the human’s decline. The communication between people also loses the rich character by various transportations due to various personalities, and loses the contents to be exchanged, finally the establishment of the “World as Culture” that has characterized the human world will be dangerous.



In the world of physical expression such as several sports, martial arts, dance, theater, and so on as well as in the world of various craftsmanship, important basic human movements that form the unique “Posture” by putting effort into the waist become impossible. The same is true in the everyday world of standing behavior, and there is no doubt that the basic state of the human’s physical existence will be confused.



Therefore, we propose that we need the artificial gravity for the human life in space, and in order to form a rich space culture, the wearing “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” with which we can customize the artificial gravity will be effective. This is because, above all, “Posture” is the mother’s womb of cultural creation, and in the future human world including the space environment, it is inevitable that the physical and spiritual desires of individuals will further increase. So, the unprecedented support for the “Body” will be one of the focal points the culture of next-generation.



“Personal Tool for supporting Posture” we propose is a body support system that allows us to freely customize the artificial pravity and build our favorite “Posture” between zero gravity and one gravity. It is a tool that supports the body beyond the innate physical ability of the humans, and it transforms according to the situation and preference of the humans, and can be moved as plastic clothes, artificial hands and feet, free walking sticks, etc. It functions as an auxiliary tool. In our proposal we plan to make “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” work with the connection to “Artificial Gravity Generator” by rotation in the International Space Station, space hotel, lunar dwelling, and Mars dwelling.

私たちが提案する姿勢支援ツールは、0G~1Gの間で、自由に人工重力をカスタマイズし、好みの「姿勢」を構築できる身体支援システムである。それは、人間の生得の身体能力をこえて身体を支援するツールで、人間が置かれた状況や好みに応じて変形し、可塑的服や人工の手や足や自在な杖などとして、或いは移動機械などとして、補助具的に機能する。 私たちの提案では、このような姿勢支援ツールを、国際宇宙ステーション・宇宙ホテル・月面住居・火星住居などにおける回転による「人工重力発生装置」に連結させて機能させるという設定である。


By using “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” we can form our favorite “Posture” freely according to the space environment in which we are placed and build a new “Physical Base for Demonstrating Individuality“. Through this tool, it is expected that various “Individuality” will be born by various “Posture”, and the creation of a new space culture that was unthinkable on the earth can be expected. A new concept of the body will be born and there is a possibility that a new evolution of the humans will be realized in an unexpected way.