Human Cosmic Plan / ヒト宇宙化計画


“Dream of Evolution” is the theme on which the human’s imagination is tested to the maximum. I assumed two people “Ilkai, I as my future” and “Elena, my lover who lives in Mars through Surplus Dimension“, and as “Human Cosmic Plan” supported by Ilkai and Elena, I draw as follows, I will challenge an adventure of the image.



Together with Elena, Ilkay will realize the following tasks as a “Human Cosmic Plan”.



Ilkay asks Elena to understand the Earth problem.



Ilkay understands the Mars problem held by Elena.



Together with Elena, Ilkay solves the Earth problem and the Mars problem.



Ilkay becomes a family with Elena, give birth to children, and raise “Race of Universe”.



Ilkay forms a “Big Family” with the cosmic race and start a journey to the end of the universe.



Elena is a Mars resident. Residents of Mars were born from the migration of Earth residents to Mars. The Mars residents successfully made use of the environment of one third of gravity and made great progress. However, the Mars residents were unable to endure the foolishness of hatred, conflict, and war that endlessly continued among the residents of the Earth, so they modified the brain to insulate the history as the descendants of the Earth’s inhabitants. But its independence failed.


If we break out our own roots, we meet a counterattack from the environment. Therefore, the Mars residents dilute the body, the existence itself becomes half a dream, and it is destined to disappear. However, Elena still knows that she has a hope for herself as a Mars resident. That is the union with Ilkay.



On the other hand, Ilkay aimed to build and operate a “New Body” on Earth, but in the union with the Earth woman, it was not possible to create the universe race from the “New Body”. Therefore, he could not solve the Earth problem. After that, he understood that it is impossible on the sick Earth, he need a pure existence who knows the contradiction of the Earth culture well, it is Elena living on Mars. Ilkai left for Mars and met Elena.



Ilkai and Elena met on Mars, tried Space Dance, and reviewed the evolutionary history of life. They touched the family tree of each animal roots and rotated beautifully at high speed like a pair of the double helix of DNA, Then they were united and with their union they created “New Posture” that were different from both Earth residents and Mars resident, finally through this experience they designed a “Tool for supporting Posture“. As its result they could realize a birth of the first intelligence as an outer race.



The people of the Earth also used “Tool for supporting Posture” to discover directions to the universe where they can advance, resolve the egoism among the nations, restore the global environment, and solve the Earth problem.



Through the use of “Tool for supporting Posture”, the Mars resident realized the body as the entity again, awoke from the dream, and found out the direction of advance to the universe that is also different from the Earth residents. Residents of Mars began to flourish more and settled the Mars problem.



From the union of Ilkai and Elena, the first child of the cosmic race was born, and thwy became the parents.



“Human Cosmic Plan” is the consensus of both the Earth residents and the Mars residents who reached at end of their self-examination, the cosmic race by the union of Ilkai and Elena are the only people who deserve the name of “Post Human“. Ilkay and Elena made a “Big Family” as the cosmic race and started a journey to the end of the universe.