Jun Tani / 谷淳

Jun Tani, a brain scientist, (former Brain Science Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Center in Tokyo), metioned a very interesting knowledge like the below;

“When I teach various movement patterns to QRIO(robot by SONY), QRIO will generate a new movement pattern. This condition arises from the distortion of the internal structure of the memory by the fact that different motion patterns that have been packed together in memory. I feel unexpectedly some subjective existence beyond the machine at the moment when QRIO stops to repeat what QRIO has learned and QRIO starts to create a new movement.” (Riken News No.286, 2005)

In 2006, supported by Jun Tani, I could operated a project to apply JAXA’s multi joint robot to a robot for the nursing care together with the robot developers of JAXA. Depend on this experience, I named my “Alter Ego” as APAROS, and I want to develop APAROS as a robot useful for my creative activities and my life for the future as a Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer, also as a robot who can work by himself without me as an independent robot. At that time, the program developed by Jun Tani will be a biggest hint.


「いろいろな運動パターンをQRIO(SONYのロボット)に学習させていくと、QRIOは新規の運動パターンを生成するようになる。これは、多数詰め込まれた異なる運動パターンが記憶の中で押し合いへし合いして、記憶の内部構造がゆがむことから発生する。私は、QRIOが学習したことをただ繰り返すのではなく、思いがけず新しい動きを生成しだす瞬間に、機械を超えたような主観的な実在を思わず感じてしまう」。(谷淳『学び行動するロボットから人を知る』(理研ニュースNo.286, 2005)