Real World and Another World / 現実世界と異界


It has already been found that the creation of space culture is not possible with an earth-centered idea. For example, military strategies that bring the know-how of war on the ground into space have already been proven through a number of recent battles to be useless in space.

In fact, as long as we know that all of the bullets and rays fired from Earthlings’ weapons, whether they are nuclearized or not, can break through the alien’s body unharmed. Then there are no one who disagrees with this point. The weapons invented by the Earthlings were only effective against the Earthlings and the creatures born on Earth.




But why does the pistol bullet shot by the Earthlings break through the alien’s body? Until the advent of Space Tunnel, the reason was not clear, even if we had experienced and knew it in the field. Space Tunnel Experience made it clearer than anything else. In other words, in fact, people were able to clearly see the true appearance of aliens in Space Tunnel for the first time in history.

Aliens disappear in an instant when they appear in Space Tunnel. Why is that? Space Tunnel is a cyberspace and a passage connecting the four-dimensional world and the five-dimensional world. In other words, the alien belonged to the five-dimensional world. Therefore, even if we shoot the aliens who appear in Space Tunnel with a pistol, it will not actually be damaged because it is a virtual reality that transcribed into our four-dimensional world.

しかし、地球人が撃ったピストルの弾はなぜ宇宙人の身体を突き抜けてしまうのか? スペーストンネルが登場するまでは、実地では経験して知っていても、その理由は明確ではなかった。それが、スペーストンネル体験により、何よりも明瞭になった。つまり、実際に、人びとは、スペーストンネルの中で、宇宙人の本当の姿を、史上はじめて、その目で明確に確認できたからだ。

宇宙人は、スペーストンネルの中に現れるかと思えば、一瞬の内に消え去る。それは、なぜか? スペーストンネルは、電脳空間であると共に、四次元世界と五次元世界を結ぶ通路である。つまり、宇宙人は五次元世界に属していたのだ。だから、仮にスペーストンネルの中に現れた宇宙人をピストルで撃っても、宇宙人にとっては自分を四次元世界に転写した仮想で現実ではないから、実際にダメージを受けることはないわけだ。


This fact was scientifically and officially proved by Space Tunnel Experience. Such a situation has never been experienced on Earth before, and it was a bolt from the blue for everyone. In this way, from the perspectives of education, war, and cultural creation, for the humans on Earth it will be needed to get “New Methods and Training for Space Advancement and Growth” based on new space ideas that have never been seen before,



As the group of theoretical physicists Lisa Randall, who had already made a prediction about the depressions of parallel universes and three-dimensional space in the early 21st century, the Another World(five-dimensional space) does not exist in a space different from our Real World(four-dimensional space). It is thought that they exist in the same place so as to overlap with each other in Real World.



Therefore, there must always be a “Boundary” that can be sensed from a reality side between Real World and Another World. Even with the idea we have adopted in the New United Nations “Human Space Plan“, there is definitely Another World, and as residents of Another World, even if the size of the inhabitants is different each time, Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens inhabitant, and Another World exposes a “Boundary” through Space Tunnel and is continuous in Real World.



Space Tunnel is a space developed on cyberspace, and is a passage that connects Real World and Another World developed by our group. Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens appear in a special place in this passage.