Atsushi Iriki / 入来篤史

Atsushi Iriki, brain scientist, said about “Mind leaving the Body” like the below;

“In the near future world connected by the net, what happens to our “Self” leaving the body and floating into the electronic society? When the mind leaves the body, where does it go? Will human’s brain and mind with science technology and intelligence create new “Something” again?”(“Origin of Intelligence, Hand and Brain Mechanism to Create the Future” by Riken Brain Science Institute. Kodansha 2007)


「ネットでつながれた近未来世界では、身体を離れ、電子社会を浮遊する<自己>はどうなるのでしょうか? 心が身体を離れた時、それは一体どこへ向かうのでしょうか? 科学技術と知性をもった人間の脳と心は、また新たな<何か>を創造するのでしょうか?」(『脳研究の最前線 / 知性の起源~未来を創る手と脳の仕組み』講談社2007)。

It is impossible to estimate “Mind leaving the Body” for an ordinary brain scientist who thinks that the mind occurs only in the body. But we can’t find any contradictions in his thought because he thinks that the mind occurs in the brain as a virtual existence. If his thought is right we are released from the big question of long-standing such as “how is the mind occurred as a physical entity in the brain?” Also, his thought gives great hints to the search of the mind in the surplus dimension.


Is the mind a physical entity? Or not? If we adopt the hypothesis as “Mind is a Virtual Existence” by Iriki, our view of the world will change dramatically. His hypothesis is a revolutionary one exactly.