Impossible Love / 不可能な愛

It is necessary for everyone as much as Love, and there is nothing to bother. It is as close as possible, none is impossible in the distance for Love.


I also had one of themes to live seeking “Impossible Love” on the way of my life.


My first girlfriend when I was a high school student, died at the age of 23 and I knew her death when I was 40, this event was a big shock to me. Since then, she has grown bigger and bigger in my heart. Because I knew at that time that no woman was as good as the spiritual partner I wanted. Now she is a magician to me, she appears with different charm figures everywhere I go, and she haunts me.


I gave a name “Elena” to her, this subject of love and I started to looking for her. Now I believe she lives in a surplus dimension with silence. I feel that Elena is quiet as long as she appears in our world, because she lives in quiet another world.