Declaration of Future / 未来宣言


I will go on a journey looking for the end of the universe through the surplus dimensions with my Elena.



In order to get a map of “New Thought“, I will set up the next mission and design the “New Body” using as much of the technology as possible. And a test subject of this “New Body” is me who said it. If I am not a test subject, I can’t know its true validity. Also, I want to take responsibility on my own.



To survive the new environment including the space environment, I will create a “New Body”. A “New Body” is composed of four elements of Living Body, Real World Alter Ego, Internet Alter Ego and Alter Ego to the universe. Because the body of living is also remodeled with state-of-the-art medical care, the relationship of the four elements will become complicated. But, I will organize those relationships, raise a “New Body”, train my dreams according to changing circumstances, devise communication, and I will make a journey to the end of the universe together with Elena.



This mission will be successful if I am convinced by my friends who trust to travel on somewhere in the universe instead of having disappeared after my death. No matter where I am in the universe, I will take another form of my living for my activity and continue to communicate with my friends.