Dialogue about Modern Science, Death, and Matter / 現代科学と死と物質についての対話


Why was a material born, and the universe was born? It has not been understood by anyone yet. “Subject that produces Material” remains a mystery. But our humans want to know it. If “Subject that produces Material” exists, it may be that this entity has created a multilayered physical world. The four-dimensional world in which we live is one of its multilayered physical worlds. So I think that the human’s brain generates consciousness as a physical phenomenon belonging to the four dimensional world but after consciousness of this brain consciousness can survive inside another brain of another world.

なぜ、物質が誕生し、宇宙が誕生したのか? そして、なぜ私たちはここに存在しているのか? それはまだ誰にもわかっていない。「物質を生む主体」は存在するのか、存在しないのか。当然、それも謎のままである。しかし人間はそれを知りたいのである。もし「物質を生む主体」が存在するとすれば、この主体が宇宙において多層な物理世界を誕生させているのかも知れない。私たちが生きる四次元世界は、その多層な物理世界のうちのひとつである。だから私は、人間の脳は四次元世界に属する物理現象として意識や心を生成しているが、この脳の死後、意識や心は別の世界の別の脳の内部に別の形態をとって存続する、と考えてみたい。


The state-of-the-art LHC in the mountains of Switzerland succeeded in detecting Higgs boson, which is supposed to be one of the particles that make up extra dimensions. From now, what kind of new particles will be detected in LHC, including elucidation of Dark Matter? And every time a new particle is detected, scientists are forced to abandon the space model that they had previously proposed as the true form of the universe and switch to a new model. People in general are left behind and will be swayed [C-50]. It cannot be said that the big bang theory, which has gained a great deal of trust, may be changed to “need to be corrected” one day.



How to die together with the theme of how to live will become an especially important theme. It is Tibetan Buddhism that brings in the most strategic way to death. The Dalai Lama 14th said, “Where and how to be reborn after death depends on the power of Karma, but the state of mind at the moment of death also affects the quality of regeneration, the moment of death is the most profound and profitable It is also the time when an internal experience occurs, the process of death and death brings encounter between Tibetan Buddhism and modern science.”



About death, we can prepare a definite practical program for incarnation and declare that it is possible to talk with modern science. For contemporary people who are increasing fear of death, which is said to be a time when people don’t know how to die, apart from whether there is regeneration or circulation, it is wonderful that we can prepare such a program. It is a valuable precedent case for those who want to practice their own active death. The death is important, because “Death is the last creative design opportunity” left to the living one.