For Human’s New Evolution / 人間の新しい進化のために


Humans could perfect the bipedalism well, so they could notice a special value of the “sitting“. And for supporting this behavior such a sitting humans could start to create “Chair for the Sitting”. Its awareness and its creation are estimated highly as “Design’s Behavior that developed Human’s Characteristic Evolution”. Indeed, not only humans but also monkey could sit on the rock, on the grass, on the tree, and on other every location. However, it is only human beings that bother to make the man-made article “Chair” and only human sit on it.



What is the difference between when humans sit on an artificial object named “Chair” and on other natural objects? Of course it is not only the theme about the comfortable sitting. Frankly speaking, humans could get an ability of “Looking Objectively”. In short, through the sitting on “Chair”, they could expand the body to the world, and at its point they could meet “Nature” again. Then, humans could start to look “Nature” and “Earth” including the body objectively.



This ability of “Looking Objectively” generated the definite difference between our humans and the monkey and other animals at my “A Story constituted on One Hundred Hypotheses”. In the end, by this ability, only humans could start to look our existence on the ground with a “View from Outside”. Its first fruits of this view were an invention of “God” and an occurrence of “Religion


  Humans, through this ability of “Looking Objectively” could start to live into the universe as a spirit at the same time humans existed on the earth, and humans start to look same person who lived on the earth. Humans has been getting a new “Mind” different from the monkey and other animals.



Atsushi Iriki, a brain scientist at Brain Science Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Center in Tokyo, suggested a very unique hypothesis about the occurrence of “Mind” like follows;


When the ancestor of humans started to hand the outward object to move it as an extension of their body, and when they could use it as a tool, something happened and it underwent a radical change. In that time, the body also changed to be an outward object at the same time a tool changed to be one part of the body. Then, the body was symbolized in the brain as a new organization. So, like that, when the body was separated as the object, we should imagine a new core as the independent position to move the body into the cranial nerve of the brain. I foresee that the name of its virtual core will be a “Mind” as a space with a will and with a feeling.”(“Origin of Intelligence, Hand and Brain Mechanism to Create the Future”(Riken Brain Science Institute. Kodansha 2007.)

様相が一変したのは、ヒトの祖先が、外界の事物を手に持ち、それを身体の延長として動かそうと、道具の使用をはじめたときでした。このとき、道具が身体の一部となると同時に、身体は道具と同様の事物として客体化されて、脳内に表象されるようになります。自己の身体が客体化されて分離されると、それを動かす脳神経系の機能の内に独立した地位を占める主体を想定せざるを得なくなります。その仮想的な主体につけられた名称が、意思を持ち感情を抱く座である心というものではないでしょうか。」(『脳研究の最前線』講談社 2007)

I think his hypothesis is a great and wonderful discussion. In short, he said that our brain didn’t need to develop a brain’s ability and didn’t need to get the human’s “Mind” to move the body as the subject, but our brain needed it when the humans started to move the body as the object. His position is “the humans have not survived simply in accordance with changes in the environment, but the humans are in the process of new evolution to further develop brain function and mind by creating an artificial environment by using tools and looking the artificial environment itself as the object”, if his position is proved as right it is expected to form a new evolution theory which turns into Darwin’s theory of evolution.



Humans who has come to sit on the artificial object named “Chair” could belong to the outside of the earth with a different “Mind” from other animals at the same time they belong to the earth. They didn’t keep the unity with the nature, they had eyes to see themselves apart from the nature. Why humans, by chance, suddenly feel the loneliness or they are overcome with strong nostalgia and yearn “Return” to the nature? Because, it is a reason they took on the separation from the nature. A person who keeps the unity with the nature he don’t need this kind of “Return” to the nature.



Humans don’t feel the unnaturalness for thinking about the universe, because their “Alter Ego” exists into the universe. In other words, humans meet “Alter Ego” who lives into the universe and humans are taking a dialogue with them. Human symbolized such as “Alter Ego” as a name of “God” in Christian Religion or Islam, or called it as “Big Ego” in Buddhism, then humans has been living with a great respect to them just like they are big and great more than humans.



The ability of “Looking Objectively” will be watched as a special ability in my “Story”. Because now humans, as the merits and the demerits of the development of science technology and too much consumption, on the one side we advance to destroy the global environment, on the other side we can reach the initial foray into the universe, then humans enter upon a “New Era called Space Age” and they are becoming to face with unknown question like “What will you do as a human being now?” In short, in my “Story” we will use this ability of “Looking Objectively” strategically to solve these urgent themes.



For this my purpose, moreover I will bring in this new “Hypothesis” on a chain of my several hypothesizes I have mentioned so far;


For our humans, the necessary condition to evolve as “Post-Human” will be to design “Fluid Furniture” to realize the “Creating New Postures” between 0 gravity and 1 gravity at a stage of the universe. Then the humans can develop “New Universal Culture”.

人間が、「ポスト人間」に進化する為に必要な条件とは、宇宙を舞台として、0重力~1重力間における「新しい姿勢構築」を実現するために必要な「流体家具 – 姿勢支援ロボット」をデザインすることである。「流体家具」の使用によって、人間は「新しい宇宙文化」を誕生させることができる。

Yes, this is a hypothesis that for the humans to get the evolution to “Post-Human“, humans at first needs to design a “Fluid Furniture”, then the humans needs to strengthen “Alter Ego” using by the ability of “Looking Objectively” as much as possible, at last the humans needs to create “New Universal Culture” by “Creating New Postures”, like humans could get a new evolution from the apes with a design of “Chair for the Sitting” on the ground in ancient times.



In the end, we will bring the condition of whales and dolphins they returned to the sea into the universe with 0 gravity, and about “Something the ancestors of whales and dolphins could notice in their life on the earth” we will move its stage to the universe and we will try to solve it there. The solution of its “Something” will be fulfilled as a “Task we will challenge into the Universe”.


Pakicetus and Ambulocetus returned back to the “Sea”, but our humans trust its hope to the “Universe”.


For this work, I try to find a “Way for Space Culture Development as a New Type” that has never been conceived. Then I will practice its way as I am a test subject for it. Because I think that if we bring only today’s earth culture to the universe we should lost our “Tomorrow for Human Beings”.