Mystery – Road to Return back to Sea / 謎~海に還る道


What is amazing is that like Pakicetus and Ambulocetus, other one part of quadruped animals, what kind of thinking they had in that time I don’t know, but they made choice to return back to the sea. Then, they were being the ancestors of the whales and the dolphins. So, I wonder about them, they could recognize “Something”, so they returned to the sea spontaneously? Or, they had a same reason with “Ichthyostega”, they came to be treated as nuisances, as “Weak Animals” from “Strong Animals” on the ground? They were exposed to the fears of the predation and the extinction, so they should returned to the sea helplessly as their only one way? Or, because they kept a strong nostalgia to the sea, so they couldn’t stand any more of their condition on the ground, then they returned to the sea? Or, more in simple, the food were running short in their habitat, so they thought the getting the food was more easy in the sea?



I think, maybe almost people will be interested in a “Mystery” of the behaviors of Pakicetus and Ambulocetus. Why they selected the way to be back to a same existence like the fish again, since they could transfer to the animal from the fish with big efforts? Even if they felt the fears to exist on the ground, also they felt something uncomfortable condition, or depend on such a reason they felt the crisis will come soon, then they decided to return back to the sea? Also, why our today’s people love whales and dolphins specially? Why we conjecture that maybe whales and dolphins keep a high intelligence? Particularly why we feel strong affinities with dolphins, because they keep a peaceful face? Are we ashamed of our history of human’s evolution with a true feeling? For us the existence of human beings is “Pain”?

このパキケトゥスやアンプロケトゥスたちの行動の「」については、誰もが関心をもつのではないか? なぜ、せっかく、魚から動物になれたのに、ふたたび魚と同じような存在になる道を選んだのか。陸上に存在することに恐怖があったとしても、或いはその他にも何か居心地の悪さのようなものを感じたり、或いは地上にやがて危機が訪れることをいち早く感じ取った等の理由で、それで海への帰還を決断したのだろうか。われわれ人間は、なぜ、クジラやイルカを特別に愛したり、クジラやイルカに人間に似た高度な知性が宿っていると推測したり、特に平和な顔つきをしたイルカに特別の親しみを感じたりするのだろうか。われわれ人間は、本当のところでは、自分たちの進化の歴史に何か恥じるものを隠しているのだろうか。人間である事は「痛み」なのだろうか?


Why human beings love to dive into the sea in the same way we love to climb a mountain and look up to the heaven? Both Mountain and Sea has been the subjects of worship mixed with fear and admiration from the ancient times. Why we feel whales and dolphins will be our “Friends” and why we feel “Restoration” in their existence? Or, our humans too, when our time come, we will be aware to our fate to advance to the universe or to return back to the sea in the same as Pakicetus and Ambulocetus unconsciously? So, in spite of ourselves, we could feel the affinities with them as a predecessor?



And, the ancestor of our humans, although they could notice the crisis which will come in the future on the ground, but they insisted on selecting a way to be on the ground? Or, it is not “Now” but they think it on “Someday”? Or, with a reason they didn’t notice the crisis, so they continued its existence on the ground as today’s condition? From these points, I will expand my “story” on more large scale depend on my “hypothesis” as follows;


Our humans, in a short time, will start to do “Same kind of Adventures” like Pakicetus and Ambulocetus.

人間は、近く、パキケトゥスやアンプロケトゥスたちと 「同じ種類の冒険」をはじめる。