Imagination in the age of AI – Space, Information, Body, and Way of Life / AI時代の想像力~宇宙・情報・身体・生き方

Now the world is changing dramatically with a big scale. For stepping into “Unknown World” with 4 themes such as “Space, Information, Body, and Way of Life” we are seeking a “New Imagination“.


[1] Space / 宇宙

From my view point as a Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer, the greatest result of the space development until today is finding a “Chance to organize a Gravity” by the creation of artificial gravity through several astronauts experiences that could realize the experiences of non-gravity environment in the space walk and at a spaceship, also they could experience 1/6 gravity on the Moon. Edwin Aldrin, one of first astronauts of NASA who could reach the ground of Moon on 1969 said “My body is light now, when I start a running I can’t stop! Also I can calm down with my slanting posture!” His reactions about Moon Walking are very interesting for me.


If the humans start to come and go to the conditions between 0 gravity and 1 gravity in the universe this happening will be a complete first experience in our human’s history. So, like a case of the fish that could get the evolution by the advance to the ground, this happening will be a special drama on a stage of the evolution such a “Challenge to the Step for Next Human”. If we have a possibility of the “Next” as the humans it will be started by such an adventure of the new creation of the postures.


So, can we get the pseudo experience to come and go to the conditions between 0 gravity and 1 gravity on this ground too? Can we try to do a new adventure? What are some similar experiences?

私たちは、この地上でも、ゼロ重力と一重力の間を往来するような疑似的体験を得られるだろうか? そんな新しい冒険ができるだろうか? それに近い体験にはどんなものがあるだろうか?

[2] Information / 情報

We have a big theme called “Progress of Virtual Reality” as a pending matter in our information-oriented society. Humans have never infiltrated the information as virtual in the daily world.


For example, what will happen if our lover figures projected around us evolves as an AR by AI? If not only visual effects but also all necessary sensations are artificially entered into the brain and increase reality as if it actually existed? Will it lead to unnecessary theory of a real lover or the problem of further promoting declining birthrate with the sexless? However, as a desire for cloned pets and cloned humans, would it benefit greatly to those who wish to see the deceased relatives or lover’s restorations?

たとえば、自分の周囲に投影される恋人像がARとしてAIにより進化するとどうなるだろうか。視覚効果だけではなく、必要なすべての感覚が脳に人工的に入力され、現実に存在しているかのようにリアリティを増加させるとすれば? リアルな恋人の不要論に結びついたり、セックスレスで少子化をさらに促進させるという問題も生じるだろうか? しかし、クローン人間に対する欲求と同じで、亡き親族や恋人の再生を願う者には大きな恩恵になるのでは?

Recently, the event that professional Go players and Shogi players lose to artificial intelligence Go and artificial intelligence Shogi is going on. As a result, the vigilance against artificial intelligence will rise at once, it is feared that AI will surpass the human’s intelligence and the day when human’s work will be totally deprived. Indeed, various programming of “AI models” such as “Taxi Driver with superior intuition than humans”, “Financial Market Trader who produce ideas better than humans”, and “Politician who create policies superior to humans” has begun.


However, what is the realization of “Progress of Virtual Reality” that we really need? Instead of being swayed by “Progress of Virtual Reality” as we do today, what is “Virtual” that enriches ourselves truly? What do we want to do for that? We need to think more about it with enough imagination.

しかし、私たちに本当に必要な「仮想化の進展」の在り方とは? 現在のように「仮想化の進展」に私たちが振り回されるのではなく、私たち自身を豊かにする「仮想」とは? そのためには、私たちはどうなりたいのか? それについて、私たちは、充分な想像力により更に深く考える必要があるだろう。

[3] Body / 身体

Now Medical Service will open a new door of our human’s history using by iPS cell, Genome Editing and so on. The body is being in the spotlight as the object of “Regeneration” and “Industrialization.”


Moreover, on 2015 Anthony James, a molecule biologist, announced a sensational big news that he could get a success to create a new mosquito that don’t need the intermediation with a malaria parasite by Genome Edition.


At last, Humans has gotten a “Technology to handle All Species of the Creatures”.


The way how to treat the individual body will be “Free for everybody“, they don’t need any kind of permissions to do it including a makeup, a cosmetic surgery, and a drug, also a tattoo, a body pierce, a doing injury to the body, at last a suicide. So, nobody can oppose to it basically. By taking the Enhancement if we can get back our health, or if we can get the body ability more beyond the natural condition, and if we don’t have any side effects after the operation, also if we will be able to control a long life freely, it will be just a realization of our human’s long dream. In that time, we can’t find any kind of reasons for opposition, everybody will jump at the Enhancement.


If we can cover our lost lovers with its clones, can we control the urge to wish to see them even in clones?

亡き恋人をクローン人間で補えるとしたら? 私たちはクローンでも会いたいと願う衝動を抑えられるだろうか?

[4] Way of Life / 生き方

From now, the way of life as an individual becomes important, regardless of whether it is married or single, the trend will be a “Single Life”. Both men and women depend on their opponent as before, but something interesting does not begin, and it is difficult to mature with the age of interesting jobs we get once. Since a woman began to become self-sustaining, it would be serious if a man did not become independent. The concept of a retirement age and the second life also began to be suspicious. The sense of age is beginning to change incredibly.


When one meets an opposite sex, when the interest shifts to “Culture” instead of “Love”, the age of the partner is irrelevant. Even a nine-year-old child or an aged 90-year old, if we understand that they are the owner of the knowledge and skills that we wanted to know, we are interested in and obsessed with a form different from “Love.” Even though we are with them, we don’t feel expectation or incongruity as when “Love” was the purpose. Experiencing such a transformation of sensation becomes an important condition for “Single Life” because it can be freed from the feeling specialized in the sex of women and men.


Influenced by the great fluctuations of adults’ world, there are major changes in the world of children. When the present children go out to society, it is pointed out that becoming a profession where 60% or more of them don’t exist, and 20 years later many big companies also disappear, becoming a society without a specific success model. The great sense of death also changes, and it is fully expected that “Grave” will be unnecessary after 50 years. Children are urged to develop new imagination and obliging themselves to acquire new ways of living. What do the children learn and what kind of good skill can they learn? Education for children becomes increasingly important.


As the place where we should live is also higher the level at which information technology provides “New Real”, we will be able to do “One Place of Residence” and “World Tour” at the same time. People will combine real travel and net use, and will start a completely different form of life. Changing the life style itself becomes a symbol of “Age of the Individual.”