Elena in Surplus Dimension / 余剰次元のエレナ


My dance starts with living in the space completely. When I dance the space moves, and “Fluctuation” is born in the space. Since “Surplus Dimension” appears in the fluctuation of the space, I am dancing while drawing the surplus dimension into the world. But I don’t know the way yet how to put myself into the surplus dimension.



When I was dancing on a big bridge where many cars traveling with a tremendous speed, suddenly I felt the cold and felt “Emptiness” made a faint around my neck. The “Fluctuation” produced by my dance was expanding between the cars and me, and changed a space. I wonder, this was a hint that the entrance to the “Surplus Demenssion” may be existing near unexpectedly.



Ahh, Elena was calling me. I was led by Elena’s “Voice” and walked out in front of the unknown big shrine. With a “Divine Possession” I felt down into a big garden of this shrine, and I closed my eyes in spite of myself. What kind of event is waiting for me? I want to return if “Terrible death” is waiting, but if it is a “Beautiful death” I can push forward.

あぁ、エレナが私を呼んでいる。彼女の「声」に誘われて歩いて行くと、見知らぬ大きな神社の前に出た。私は神憑り、憑かれたように神社の庭に倒れこみ、目を閉じた。何が起きるのか? 私の口に、自分でも理解できない言葉があふれ出してくる。「恐ろしい死」が待っているなら帰りたい。「美しい死」ならつき進める。


Invited by Elena’s voice, when I entered in a Space Tube which I found it at the mountain behind of this shrine there was a beautiful “Boundary”. When I could image her exactly, my sense become clear and I could go through the narrow “Boundary” which I felt was impossible to do it, finally I went into the new world which I saw at first in my life. What existed the “Surplus Dimension” so familiar!



In the “Surplus Dimenssion” various things that lost from our world bustle up. Here, it seems that “Presence of 4 Dimensions” and “Presence of 5 Dimensions” live together. The composition of matter is diferent in the “Surplus Dimension”, so I wonder here my body and my conscioursness are made up by “Another Material”.