Looking for New Furniture / 新しい家具を見たい


For example, now, as a ground version of “Fluid Furniture”, it is assumed that “Strange Furniture that has never existed, such as being a Chair and also a Bed” appeared. At that time, if 10 years or 20 years ago people just feel a sense of incongruity, if for some reason this furniture feels more comfortable than an existing chair or bed, what kind of situation has happened in our world? It is an important “One Sign” for changes in human senses?

たとえば、今、「流体家具」の地上版として、「椅子でもあり、ベッドでもあるような、これまで存在しなかった不思議な家具」が登場したとする。その時、10年や20年前なら人びとが違和感を覚えたに過ぎないとしても、なぜか、この家具の方が既成の椅子やベッドよりも心地いいと感じるとするならば、一体何が起きていることになるだろう? それは、人間の感覚の変化に対する重要な「ひとつのサイン」になるのではないか。


In other words, the people are now beginning to seek “Creation of a New Posture between and , also and “. For that reason, “New Furniture” that enables the new posture is needed, and maybe we are beginning to seek a more delicate, smoother and more amicable design between the chair and the bed?



Gently I would like to see “New Furniture“. Because, it was an ancient time, very before, humans could create “Chair for the Sitting”. If “Talismanic Fluid Furniture, as a chair and same time as a bed” will appear and if people love it, yes, this new furniture will be a great “Gift from the Universe” for us to bring a new era to the earth.



On our ground too, we can build up a new way to realize a new revolution based on the body through such a “Creating Postures”. On one occasion, like Shiro Kuramata, Japanese industrial designer could design a very eccentric chair. Now, like last Kuramata, we have a becoming time to start to seek “Talismanic Furniture” as a new type actively? Even so, as a demand of a new era, we would like to seek an appearance of “New Furniture” not only for “Release from the Gravity” which Kuramata has dreamed but also for “Creating Postures between 0 gravity and 1 gravity” with a wide field of the vision for the improvement of earth environment and the cultural space development.