Kibe, Resident in Surplus Dimension / 異界の住人・キベ


One day, while I was playing in Space Tunnel, I noticed that Space Tunnel would deform depending on the postures I took. It was a subtle deformation, so I didn’t pay attention to it at first. But, when I saw it closely I also noticed that in Space Tunnel, like the convex and the concave, the “Boundary” where two contradictory curved surfaces were connected was created or disappeared. This “Boundary” is the gateway to another world? In other words, when the residents in Surplus Dimension appear they form the unique warped spaces, so they distort Space Tunnel subtly. Its distortion is just the “Boundary”. What an unique way for the residents in Surplus Dimension to appear through the “Boundary”!

ある日、私がスペーストンネルの中で遊んでいたら、私がとる姿勢に応じてスペーストンネルが変形することに気がついた。とても微妙な変形なので、最初は気に留めていなかった。しかし、よく見ていると、スペーストンネルの中には、凸と凹のように、たがいに矛盾する二つの曲面が接続されている「境界」が生まれたり消滅したりしていることにも気がついた。この「境界」が異界への出入り口になるのではないか? つまり、異界の住人たちがスペーストンネルに姿を現わす時は、それぞれ独特なワープする空間を形成するために、スペーストンネルの形状を微妙に歪めるのだ。その歪みが「境界」なのだ。「境界」を介して異界の住人たちが出現するとは、何とユニークな方法だろう。


I could meet Kibe, a clone monkey, when I took a “Monkey’s Posture” and entered a “Monkey’s World” in Space Tunnel. Kibe was 17 years old. His hands were the same as the humans, but when I saw his feet I knew his big toes were the same as the humans. Kibe was born by inserting a genetically modified human male’s sperm into the womb of his mother monkey. He is one of the most noticeable artificial animals in the medical world. But, he suddenly left home last year and he was a hot topic in the world. According his speaking, after he was educated as a “Family Member” on a trial basis at one researcher’s house who had a direct relationship with his birth, Kibe escaped, then he started to live alone in Space Tunnel. He was grateful for the education, but he said it was the imposition of values in the humans world to him, so he couldn’t stand it.



Kibe cried and spoke to me. “I know my birth was meant to tell people the direction of humans evolution. The humans want to know what new things I would invent with a tool by four hands when my legs became hands completely. I lived in a room with lots of tools every day. It was my daily routine to play around with it. But I was not interested in its play. It was good for the humans, but not for me. Why the humans do such selfish things to make me half human and half monkey? I want to return to my monkey’s world.”

キベが泣きながら話してくれた。「僕の誕生は人間の進化の方向を占うためのもので、僕の足が完全に手になったら四つの手で道具を使い僕がどんな新しいものを発明するのか、知りたかったらしい。僕はたくさんの道具がある部屋で毎日生活していた。それをいじって遊ぶのが僕の日課だった。でも僕はそんなことに興味がない。それは人間のためにはなっても、僕のためじゃない。半分が人間で半分がサルの僕をつくるなんて、どうして人間はそんな勝手なことをするの? 僕はサルの世界に戻りたい」。