The Forest is Burning / 森が燃えている


Forests around the world are burning. The sparks around me began to turn bright red. Looking up, animals are running around in the sky. There are also animals that I have never seen. Leading the way are probably the species of animals that quickly disappeared from the ground. Some dinosaurs have wings. There are also wolves. There are also rabbits and deer.

世界中の森が燃えている。僕の周囲も火の粉で真っ 赤に染まりはじめた。見上げると、空を動物たちが走りまわっている。そこには見たこともない動物たちも混じっている。先頭を走っているのは、おそらく地上から早々と姿を消した種類の動物たちだ。翼をもつ恐竜たちもいる。オオカミたちもいる。うさぎや鹿たちもいる。


Anyway, how are they all doing? Humans also started running mixed in it. People of ancient times and people of today are together. Both men and women are disjointed and funny, with tattered primitive clothing, the latest suits and dresses. Are everyone desperately running away? For that reason, why did everyone have a gentle look? If we look closely, it looks like animals and humans are very happy. Is it a new move? Did they find a new world? This may not be a painful war or accident. Something wonderful may be happening.

それにしても、何てみんな元気なんだろう。人間たちもその中に混じって走りはじめた。大昔の人たちも、いまの人たちも、一緒になって。男も女も、ボロボロの原始服だったり、最新のスーツやドレスだったり、バラバラでおかしい。みんな必死に逃げ惑っているのか? それにしてはみんなおだやかな表情なのはなぜだ? よく見ると、動物も人間もとても幸福そうな雰囲気だ。新しい引越しなのか? 新天地が見つかったのか? これは痛ましい戦争や事故ではないのかも知れない。何か素晴らしいことが起きているのかも知れない。


It’s beautiful. What is this nostalgic feeling? However, we should be careful when wee feel nostalgic. It may be a sign that we will be taken to a place we do not know. That way, I know that many people have disappeared somewhere. Oh, someone walks over there. Every time someone get closer to me, and create various small spaces around the body like soap bubbles to make them sparkle. Do someoe have anything to do with me because someone is coming to me?



Who? I know? Looking straight at me. What? Oh, surprised! Is she? Yes! She is my nostalgic person. I understood her at once. I never forget her even after many years. The eyes that stare at me are the same as at that time. The beautiful eyes that have confused me.

誰? 知ってる人? 僕をまっすぐに見ている。えっ、何? 驚いた! 彼女なの? 彼女だ。僕の懐かしい人。僕には、すぐにわかった。何年たっても忘れない。僕を見つめる目はあの時と同じ。僕を惑わせてきた美しい目だ。


“This is Megumi. How are you? I’m doing fine. You may be surprised, but I still love you. I didn’t have such a close relationship with that professor, but you didn’t understand. I was bad, but it made me sad. Children are of course yours. a girl. I live well with her every day. The name is Cosmos. Her face is lot like you and she is very cute. It’s slow here because the flow of time is different, but Cosmos is now 9 years old. She’s a girl, so she can’t help but want to see her dad. She annoys me crying to see her dad.”

「メグミです。お元気ですか? 私は元気でやっていますよ。意外に思うかも知れませんけど、私はいまでもあなたを愛しています。あの教授とはそんな深い仲ではなかったのに、あなたには理解してもらえませんでした。私が悪かったけど、それが私を悲しくさせました。 子供はもちろんあなたの子です。女の子。私と毎日元気に暮らしていますよ。名前はコスモス。あなた似で、とても可愛いわ。ここでは時間の流れが違うからゆっくりだけど、コスモスもやっと9歳になりました。女の子だからお父さんに会いたくて仕方ないみたい。お父さんに会いたいと泣いて私を困らせます」。


I sent to you a cryptic map, so please come and see me if you want. I’m dying to see you too. I want to apologize to you and understand me. But when you come, please talk to your important Erica. I don’t think it will be opposed. I have spoken many times in Erica’s dreams. We are very good friends. I know what the love between you and Erica is. I envy you. And I want you to come here and know that this is not a damp and lonely world. I want you to understand why I wanted to come here early. If you come, I can move with Cosmos.