What is Expected New Dance Generation? / 期待される新世代ダンスとは?


It is amazing to the reality that “Butoh Dancers” are surprisingly increasing all over the world. That is a witness in the today’s dance world that “Freedom” is craving for it. However, simply enjoying “Freedom” can not reach “Expected Social Value = Cultural Commodity” as expected by Hijikata Tatsumi, and “Expected New Dace Generation” which is required to us now.



Hijikata Tatsumi aimed to position Butoh as traditional arts like Noh and Kabuki in Japan. His “Butoh with Darkness” is said to be “Beauty of Form“, 80 percent of which was completed. After the death of Hijikata, in order to complete the remaining 20 percent, it was needed a disciple, Yoko Ashikawa, but unfortunately its road was cut off for another reason.



As Akira Kasai’s “Butoh Improvisation” that I studied did not have the possibility of “Social Value = Cultural Commodity” like “Beauty of Form” that Hijikata aimed for, it only says “Freedom” and instantaneously flashes just letting it go was ruined. Although it was a short period, Kasai was loved by Yukio Mishima, and there were activities like Kira by young improvising Butoh dancers. However, its record is not correctly preserved in Butoh history.



The specificity of Kazuo Ohno was that, as one of Butoh founders, he was able to inherit the “Beauty of form” of Hijikata despite being basically an improviser. And, he got on the trend of the era of running the forerunner of the expected elderly culture. In these two points the secret of its success is summarized. It is a miraculous case. Therefore, no matter how much overseas butoh drunken in Ohno, it is not easy to get “Beauty of Form” for them, and much less anyone can manipulate the trend of the times.



“Expected New Dance Generation” will be not born from the “Extensions” of “Butoh” and “Contemporary Dance”. Because, maybe we need to get “New Placement” for the dance is essential.



In my case, I took distance from “Butoh with Darkness” and also recognized the limits of “Butoh Improvisation”. Only one thing, my attention was paid to “Affinity Relationship between Body and Space” realized by “Butoh Improvisation”, and this was brought to the birth of Space Dance to create various designs with the theme of “Informationization of Tacit Knowledge“. Space dance can be said to be one of the candidates of “Expected New Dance Geration” in the sense that dance has been read from the viewpoint of “Creation of Posture“.

私の場合は、暗黒舞踏からも距離を取り、即興舞踏の限界も認識した。ただ一つ、即興舞踏が実現する「身体と空間の親和的関係」に注目し、これを「身体知の情報化」をテーマとして「ダンス & デザイン」をコンセプトとして掲げ、諸々のデザインを誕生させるスペースダンスの誕生に漕ぎつけた。スペースダンスは、「姿勢の創造」という観点からダンスを読み替えたという意味において、「期待される新世代ダンス」の一つであると言えるだろう。


To the best of my knowledge, there are foreign dancers who pursue “Beauty of Form” in young generations, but I feel they can’t get the success yet. “Beauty of Form” is unique to Japan, so, still now is it difficult for foreigners to learn? The tradition of Japanese Flowers, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Kendo, Bow, etc., as well as the current overseas fashion of Japanese Food and Bonsai are by the techniques of “Beauty of Form”.

私の知る限り、若手世代にも「形式の美」を追及する外国人舞踏家たちが存在する。しかし、いまだ成功していないように思われる。「形式の美」は、日本独自なもので、外国人には習得が困難なのか? 生け花・茶道・書道・剣道・弓などの伝統をはじめ、日本料理や盆栽の現在の海外での流行も、「形式の美」の成せる技である。


Japanese dancers who don’t carry Butoh are also weak. In the case of young and talented contemporary dancers, even if they go abroad, they are not attracted, even if they succeed its success are temporary and there is no major development in their works. “Parents” of Contemporary Dance are Western countries, so it is no use for them. Therefore, apart from those who don’t expect “Prominence” or those who hide themselves in the Western Dance Troupes, it is difficult to seek a good place in abroad, trapped in Japan and eventually get exhausted. In order to be active as a dancer with originality overseas, there is no way but to realize “Expected New Dance Generation”.



“Young Talented who bear Space Dance” that I should find out are not members of Butoh nor Contemporary Dance, tired of being wasting talents, they are the species who are struggling for “Undiscovered Dance“. Where are they? They must be hiding in the unexpected places.

私が探し出すべき「スペースダンスの担い手たち」も、舞踏にもコンテンポラリーダンスにも属さず、才能の浪費に疲れ果て、「まだ見ぬダンス」を求めてもがいている種族である。彼らはどこにいるのか? 思いがけない場所に潜んでいるに違いない。