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[link] What is Butoh?

In the second half of 1950 in Japan, Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno could create “Butoh with Darkness” to unify the difference as a big problem between Japanese Traditional Dance & its culture before Edo-era and the Modern Dance & its culture after Meiji-era. And, Akira Kasai could create “Improvisation Butoh.”

Butoh is a “Step from Within.” Butoh is “Self-Realization” through the body of the individual, direct, and original dance technique. Butoh is “Recovery of the Wild in Mankind” and “Rebirth of the Intoxicated Body” somehow lost in the contemporary world. What is a pleasure of Butoh? Sure, it is a pleasure to change our feelings about our world at the moment. In this dance we can’t find any differences between ourselves, we feel we are connected to everyone, everywhere, and every animal. So, the dancers dance eternally to get its feelings exactly. Butoh is an art that promotes us growth, and keep “Age-worthy Flower” blossoming continuously. Like “Flower of Noh“, in Butoh we have “Aged Flower” and “Secret Flower“, we can create the beauty year by year beyond our age.




[topic 2] dance revolution
“Breaks Hierarchy” Pina Bausch

Incorporating theatrical techniques into dance, Pina Bausch created the unique dance style that “sets established dancers as side by side on a stage, breaks the hierarchy of the old dance world, and presents all dancers as leading characters.” As a result, Pina has established the unshakable position as a genius. However, it seems that Pina was so great that no disciple who surpassed Pina appeared. As far as the movie “pina” by Wim Wenders is seen, unfortunately only the disciples who faithfully reproduce the teachings of Pina appear. It’s not about how amazing Pina was, but only someone who can discover and add “what was lacking in Pina“, while still being able to appreciate that “Pina is amazing,” can become Pina’s successor.



[topic 3] dance revolution
“Reconstruction” William Forsythe

William Forsythe gathered excellent dancers from all over the world and showed the “Essence” of dance on the stage, then broke them in the next moment. This is so-called “Reconstruction.” When I first saw his stage, I felt that he could success to summarize the history of western dance technically, which was very inspiring. It was similar to the shock of seeing Butoh for the first time. However, after that, maybe because my expectations were too high, I was disappointed to find that he stalled when the administrative support was cut off for his dance company. He had “Ability to reform dance” but not “Ability to change the cultural system“. He still belongs to the old dance world unfortunately from my viewpoint.

In addition, William Forsythe got the Kyoto Prize 2024 as a choreographer who has revolutionized dance technique and aesthetics, opening up new horizons in physical expression.




Design is “the act of creating the space, objects, and information that humans need as necessities for life.” By creating design through dance, dance can escape the status of “art that requires support from others” and dance can get “Financial Independence.” Tetsuro Fukuhara, second generation of Butoh, reinterpreted dance as “Dance as Creation of Posture“, re-establishing dance within the everyday activities of humans, and creating Space Dance with the concept of “Dance & Design.”

In Space Dance, the body is not a tool for expressing a story, the body is a story. In any time the “Excellent Dancer” keeps a special ability to dance with a technique to organize the body as the object. In Space Dance we study this technique. Then we try to recover the lost memories through our dance movement and we accumulate its result as “Tacit Knowledge.” “Forgotten Memories” wake up a strong nostalgia in our mind. And this nostalgia gives new energy to us. Then we understand “Unknown Movement’s World” exists behind our usual human’s movement. This energy is infinite, it continues our dance without end. When we dig up “Forgotten Memories” we can develop the ability of the brain and organize the unexpected movements based on each memory. We shake with the fresh and we are amazed to ourselves. Then, we start to talk a “New Story beyond the Human’s Drama.” Finally, in Space Dance we express “Tacit Knowledge” as the several designs for the new body, the new object, and the new space using by information technology. Like that, in Space Dance we create the new design after dance.

デザインとは「人間が生活の必需品として必要な空間・モノ・情報を生み出す行為」である。ダンスがデザインを生み出す事で、ダンスは「他からの支援を必要とするアート」という位置を脱出し「経済的自立」を獲得できる。舞踏の第2世代である福原哲郎は、「ダンスとは姿勢の創造である」と読み直す事でダンスを人間の日常の行為の中に再設定し、「ダンス & デザイン」をコンセプトとするスペースダンスを創造した。



[topic 3] music & technology
“Bjork Digital” Bjork

Why is Bjork’s expression unique? Because, as she said “The real role of artist is to bring life to new technologies“, she is not using by technology, she is using technology. But, even she doesn’t seem to be able to develop her own music using digital. It takes a time. In any case, there is no doubt that she is one of excellent front-runners as the example of the artist’s activeness.

ビョークの表現はなぜユニークなのか? それは、彼女が「アーティストの本当の役割は、新しいテクノロジーに命を吹き込むこと」と言っているように、テクノロジーに使われているのではなく、テクノロジーを使いこなしているからである。しかし、その彼女でさえ、デジタル使用で彼女の音楽自体を新しく開発できているわけではないようだ。それには時間がかかる。いずれにしても、アーティストの能動性を証明する事例として、彼女がその優れた先行者の一人であることに間違いないだろう。


[topic 4] fashion
“Black Cloth” Rei Kawakubo

When I was working as a Butoh dancer, it was touted that the three exports that were making Japan a leap forward overseas were Butoh, Fashion, and Semiconductors. Rei Kawakubo was one of the people who played a central role in that fashion. She not only produced a series of “Black Clothes” that made her famous, but also prohibited European walking and behavior from models at fashion shows, and designed the future tense of the body to the limit that it could not be used as clothes. She has challenged various things and tried various themes. Her challenges are still going on.



[topic 5] furniture
“Kuramata Shock” Shiro Kuramata

Nothing suggests the “Future” as much as Shiro Kuramata’s “Chair“. When I first saw his chair at Hara Museum in the Shinagawa, Japan, I was amazed at its beauty and its impracticality. I don’t really want to sit in that glass chair. However, I was surprised to find that there were no more chairs to think about the chair. Shiro Kuramata’s “Chair” is similar to “Space” by Shusaku Arakawa. Arakawa’s space is also impractical to me, but above all it is a beautiful space that makes me think about the space. A chair that is hard and does not want to sit down, and a space that is also hard and does not want to live. However, it clearly suggests the “Future”. In my case, through this feeling, I could get a concept of “Fluid Furniture” as a “Soft Chair” and created an original shape of “Space Tube” as a “Soft Space.”



[topic 6] architectural revolution
Curved Surfaces” Shusaku Arakawa

Shusaku Arakawa started as a contemporary artist living in New York, and eventually came to call himself a new generation architect. He was a heretic who aimed for a revolution from architecture by proposing “Architectural Space formed from curved surfaces” to the world’s architectural world which continued to be sluggish for a long time while seeking a leap from modern architecture. I couldn’t agree with his idea to the body, but I thought his view point on the relationship between body and space was wonderful. By criticizing Arakawa’s architecture as a “Hard Space,” our Space Tube was born as a “Soft Space.”



[topic 7] parallel world
“Two Spirits” Lisa Randall

Theoretical physicist Lisa Randall who runs at the forefront of modern science, said on her book that her idea of “Surplus Dimension” is not based on scientific positive evidence, but “her own belief” as well as religions and artists. In other words, she is also based on something other than science for her scientific idea, and in her mind two spirits are living, one sprit come from Religion or Art and other spirit come from Science. From now our era will be an era that Religion, Art, and Science come closer each other again like the former Renaissance. In that meaning the era of science established by taking distance from Religion and Art will end. Religion and Art can still lead Science. Science can also update Religion and Art by adding new content to Religion and Art once denied.



[topic 8] parallel world
“Interstellar” Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan’s movie “Interstellar“(2014) is a work that skillfully expresses the scene that Surplus Dimension affects Four-Dimensional World. This movie is like a picture for Lisa Randall’s Surplus Dimension Theory. Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne who was awarded the Nobel prize served as a science consultant. After being swallowed by a black hole, the hero’s astronaut come to a Surplus Dimension that touched the real world and contacted his daughter through the bookshelf of the house where he lived. There are many science fictions and movies that express a Surplus Dimensions, but it is specially interesting for me as a work that brings a new way of structure interacting with the real world.



[topic 9] brain science
New Theory of Evolution” Atushi Iriki

I could discuss with the brain scientist Atsushi Iriki in a joint research with JAXA in 2004-2006. I am greatly influenced by his two hypothesis of “the humans have not survived simply in accordance with changes in the environment, but the humans are in the process of new evolution to further develop brain function and mind by creating an artificial environment by using tools and looking the artificial environment itself as the object” and “mind develops in the brain as a virtual existence“. He is one of the best brain scientists in Japan, if his hypothesis is proved as right it is expected to form a new evolutionary theory which turns into Darwin’s theory of evolution.

私は、脳科学者・入来篤史と2004年 – 2006 年のJAXAとの共同研究で議論することができた。彼の「人間は単に環境の変化に合わせて生き抜いてきたのではなく、道具使用により人工環境つくり出し、人工環境も身体化することで脳機能と心をさらに発展させる新しい進化の途上にある」と「心は脳の中で仮想的存在として発生している」という2つの仮説に、私は大きな影響を受けている。彼は日本の最も優れた脳科学者の一人であり、彼の仮説が立証されればダーウィンの進化論に変わる新しい進化論が形成されると期待されている。


[topic 10] brain machine interface
“How to control Memory?” Neuralink

Elon Musk who succeeds in electric cars and space rockets and gains momentum. He is also working on the development of Brain Machine Interfaces with his new technology company Neuralink, and he recently said: “Brain Machine Interface may allow us to store our memories as a backup. We may be able to download them to new bodies or robot bodies.”



[topic 11] space & technology
“Robots & Pods & Flying Cars” Kürşad Özdemir

[video: kumru]

Trained as an architect and specialized in micro-architecture, Dr. Kürşad Özdemir is a designer, operating in urban environments. Besides his research in Moon-Mars-Orbital architecture (in frame of ESA studies) he has collaborated with artists from different backgrounds on international projects. The focus of his academical work is laid on technology and compact spaces in extreme environments, ranging from smart vehicles to space habitats. His recent work on a flying car design is in prototype phase.

クルサド・オズデミールは、建築家として訓練を受け、マイクロアーキテクチャを専門とする。デザイナーとして、都市環境をテーマに活動している。ESA(ヨーロッパ宇宙機関)での「月 – 火星 – 軌道建築」の研究に加え、国際的プロジェクトとして多様なバックグラウンドを持つアーティストたちと協力している。 彼の学術研究の焦点は、スマートビークルから宇宙生息地に至るまでの、極限環境におけるテクノロジーとコンパクトスペースに置かれている。空飛ぶ車についての彼の仕事は、プロトタイプ段階にある。


[topic 12] humanoid robot
“Ameca” UNILAD Tech
[video: facebook]

Ameca is a humanoid robot that surprises us that robot development has come to this point. His facial expressions are those of a living human being, and his conversation is fluent. However, Ameca is still not “aware” that he has such a look and can speak that way. In other words, Ameca does not have “Consciousness” or “Mind“. It’s just given more and more sophisticated programs to answer the questions that humans ask.



[topic 13] robot with a mind
“Subjective Existence beyond Machine” Tani Jun

Jun Tani, a brain scientist, former Brain Science Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Center in Tokyo. His attempt is a valuable challenge that, if successful, may allow the robot to have “Consciousness” or “Mind.” He mentioned a very interesting knowledge like “When I teach various movement patterns to QRIO(robot by SONY), QRIO will generate a new movement pattern. This condition arises from the distortion of the internal structure of the memory by the fact that different motion patterns that have been packed together in memory. I feel unexpectedly some subjective existence beyond the machine at the moment when QRIO stops to repeat what QRIO has learned and QRIO starts to create a new movement.” If he could give that “subjective existence” a form of digital information, he would catch the consciousness and mind.



[topic 14] mocap dance
“Avatar” Zelia ZZ Tan
[video: youtube]

Zelia ZZ TAN is probably one of the most active artists in the world as a dancer using motion capture. I think her Mocap Dance attempt is very promising because of her delicate and powerful dance, and with her sensory approach. In a world where we interact with such technology, the sensibilities of the parties play an important role.

Zelia ZZ TANは、モーションキャプチャーを使用したダンサーとして、いま世界で最もアクティブに活動しているアーティストの一人だろう。私は、彼女のMocap Danceの試みは、彼女の繊細で力づよいダンスによるもので、その感覚を生かしたアプローチの為、大変期待できる気がする。このようなテクノロジーと対話する世界では、当事者の感性が重要な役割を果たすからである。


[topic 15] datasculpture
“Little Planet in a Box” Fusion CI Studios
<video: facebook>

Digital expression is now forming a field called “data sculpture” and I think “Little Planet in a Box” is one of the best. It is a skillful expression of the green earth and water, and it can only be said to be beautiful. However, it remains unclear whether the earth and water expressed here has any relationship with the real earth and water. And the world of digital expression is a world where it is not necessary to ask the relationship itself, and in that sense it is “closed”. How to open it? How to relate to the real earth and water? I think that will be a big theme for the future.


[Reference Works 1 – TROY and ancient civilization / 参考作品1]
[Reference Works 2 – Artist, Christian Mio Loclair / 参考作品2]


[topic 16] artificial body
“Deep Fake” MetaHuman Creator

The 3D character creation tool “Meta Human Creator” announced by Epic Games in February last year. I was surprised that it come finally here. Because the created 3D character has an eerie reality with the face and the voice of the humans as a model, it could surpass the “limit of giving the no matter how much the accuracy is improved” of the conventional CG.

米Epic Games社が2021年2月に発表した、3Dキャラクター作成ツール「MetaHuman Creator」。ついにここまで来たかと私は驚いた。作成された3Dキャラクターが、これまでのCGの「どこまで精度を高めても<ツクリモノという印象>を与える限界」を超え、モデルになった人間とまるで瓜二つの顔と声をもち、不気味なリアリティを発揮しているからである。


[topic 17] chat AI
“chatGPT” OpenAI

An artificial intelligence chatbot released by OpenAI in November 2022. It is attracting attention because it can generate detailed answers to questions in a wide range of fields. However, even if it is only an advanced reply machine, ChatGPT has the potential that users will respond to their preferences by mastering it, and it will grow as if it is a close relative of the user. This point will be important for our life.



[topic 18] genome editing

Genome Edition. At last, Humans has gotten a “Technology to handle All Species of the Creatures.” It is said that Genome Edition is a big technology once in hundred years in our human’s history. Many scientists are wondering about this technology that “Genome is a valuable legacy through the long history of the evolution, so if we handle it, maybe some irrecoverable thing will happen and we can’t return it to the original condition.” However, when we face to this big theme such as Enhancement by Genome Edition, even if we find some ethical problem, but if the concerned party receive the Enhancement well, it will be going difficult to stop it from the outside. Because the way how to treat the individual body will be free for everybody, they don’t need any kind of permissions to do it including a makeup, a cosmetic surgery, and a drug, also a tattoo, a body pierce, a doing injury to the body, at last a suicide. So, nobody can oppose to it basically. By taking the Enhancement if we can get back our health, or if we can get the body ability more beyond the natural condition, and if we don’t have any side effects after the operation, also if we will be able to control a long life freely, it will be just a realization of our human’s long dream. In that time, we can’t find any kind of reasons for opposition, everybody will jump at the Enhancement.



[topic 19] clone

The news of “Clone Dog Sales” by Korean biological company in 2014 surprised the world. I saw this news on a television, but I understood every pet owners keep their earnest emotions to get back their lost dogs even if dogs are clones. The clones live in another environment, so they should become another dog, but for the pet owners they are almost same dogs. So they can image to redoing their life with their pets. And, depend on the advance of the cloning technology they can keep a dream to realize “Favorite Dogs they like” improved the faults of last their lovely dogs. If they can regulate their feelings to worry too much about the originality it will be wonderful. Also maybe we will see the owners who get the plural clone dogs. More over, if the subject is not “Dog” but “Humans“, how to do? It is already anticipated that cloned humans will appear in the near future. If we can cover our “Lost Lovers” with its clones, can we control the urge to wish to see them even in clones?

2014年の韓国の生体企業による「クローン犬販売」のニュースは、世界を驚かせた。クローンでも愛犬を手に入れたいと願う飼い主たちの気持ちには切実なものがあった。別の環境を生きるため別の犬になることがわかっていても、ほとんど「同じ犬」であることに違いはない。飼い主にはやり直しが出来ると思える。そして、クローン技術がさらに進めば、愛犬の欠点を改良した「私好みの改良版」を誕生させることも夢ではない。オリジナルにこだわる気持ちを調整できれば、飼い主にはさらに素晴らしいことになる。さらに、対象が「」ではなく、「人間」の場合はどうなるか? 近い将来にクローン人間が登場することは既に予想されている。「亡き恋人」をクローン人間で補えるとしたら? 私たちはクローンでも会いたいと願う衝動を抑えられるだろうか?


[topic 20] biomedical engineering

An era where people recreate people. Artificial nerve cells have been created. This is embedded in the brain as a sensor. Creating an artificial body with an artificial brain is no longer a dream. The brains will be connected by a network, and the individual will be different from the past individual. Already, 3D printers have been used to make bones, make skulls, and reorganize the human body. We replace a damaged brain, or a brain we want to improve more with an artificial brain. That day will come soon.



[topic 21] metaverse
“Expanding Human Reach” Hyundai at CES 2022
[video: youtube]

Metaverse is an online virtual space where we can participate with our avatar for interacting with other avatars, for engaging in economic activities, and for living a new life. Not only Metaverse by Meta, but also Metaverse by Niantic, which is oriented towards Metaverse that is not tied to the VR headset, and the Metaverse by Microsoft. My interest is in Metaverse which is not tied to a VR headset, and I think it is important to build two avatars so that the real world avatar and the virtual space avatar are the same. And, if I can train my avatar’s “Figure,” “Responsiveness,” and “Human Depth,” I can live in “10 places in the world” at the same time as “10 avatars,” and “I” is like “God,” “I” can operate to increase the “Productivity” of 10 avatars. However, of course, it is a condition that if I can construct the metaverse as a virtual space with such receptive ability.



[topic 22] AI with a mind
AI with a Carnal Desire” Yoichiro Miyake

Yoichiro Miyake (game AI developer) wrote in recent writings that he wants to create “artificial intelligence with the carnal desires of self-preservation”. He said, “The human brain don’t output immediately after inputting, but the flow of information stops like a whirlpool inside. Then, without warning, a chaotic phenomenon that revives the swirling past will occur. There is a possibility of creating new artificial intelligence.” This is similar to the description of the brain scientist, Jun Tani.



[topic 23] from information to experience
“New Reality” Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, game designer, says “A great revolution will break out for the first time at the game industry. The game screen on the monitor will end in the next 10 years“, and he is trying to create several games such as “a game that evolves a music through its experience“, “a game that we can relive the human experience of 100 years ago“, and “a game that we can experience the craftsmanship that can not be recorded“. “Test of realization with the depth” for VR experience has also begun in the game industry. “Pursuit of the real multi-layered richness” in the flow of his concept “From Information to Experience” will become more and more popular in our future.



[topic 24] alter ego
“Alter Ego in Virtual Space, Alter Ego as Real Being”

I want to establish and develop a “Distributed Network” on the Internet such as Web3, and I grow avatars that function as my “Alter Ego” in such as Metaverse. I realize “Individual Freedom not managed by anything” and “Self-management of Property – digital assets that cannot be copied“. Then I can sell my work there as “the only one work” that cannot be copied. By creating such an “Alter Ego” as a real being, I can live not only on Earth but also in space with lost animals, dead people, and aliens.



[topic 25] vision of body
“Any Where with a Body, Any Time on a Body”

One day Shusaku Arakawa asked me “we should disappear our body to get the immortality. how do you think?” I answered “no, I don’t think so. we can find another way to get the immortality when we master to float our body little and create new postures with a new dance technique. we need the body forever when we are alive, when we die, and in the next world.” This is our Humans condition, any where with a Body, any time on a Body. So, in a theme of a virtual space, no matter how rich I can increase in virtual space, virtual space is always rooted in the body of real space. When my body disappears, my virtual space disappears instantly. Those who dote on virtual space often easily forget about the existence of such a body, but in that case they encounter a counterattack from the body.



[topic 26] on earth
Many Jobs required to revitalize Earth Culture

There are many jobs required to revitalize the earth culture and for the children. We break up the dysfunctional United Nations and start the “New United Nations“. In the current Ukrainian war, we eliminate the evil leaders with old desires to expand territory and solve the remaining “Nuclear Problem.” We establish the theme of “Self-responsibility” that scientists and creators should fulfill. The excuse “It’s not my fault. It was abused by politics” doesn’t work. We break up the large nations and realize a “Small State System” in the world. For example, the Baltic States are small countries, have a high cultural level, and are close to ideals. All nations aim to be peaceful, prosperous and equal. We achieve 100% carbon dioxide emission control and solve “Environmental Problem“. We complete the artificial food production system and solve the “Population Problem.”



[topic 27] space architecture
“New Evolutionary Possibilities”

In order for people to keep the human brain well and develop the richer space culture, as physical support, the personal “Posture-Supporting Robot” that can customize the artificial gravity and some artificial environment will be effective. Because, “Posture is the Mother’s Womb for Cultural Creation.” Humans living between 0G – 1G space environment are expected to face the new evolutionary possibilities in the space environment, then “Posture-Supporting Robot” can influence the state of its evolution. More over, with the setting up of “Posture-Supporting Robot”, it is expected that people’s behavior will change significantly from the ground. So, Living Space Design, including Information Design, Lifestyle Design, Communication Design in space will change accordingly.

人びとがより豊かな宇宙文化を形成していくためには、フィジカル面のサポートとして、人工重力をカスタマイズできる個人用の「姿勢支援ロボット」が有効になる。「姿勢こそ文化創造の母胎」であるからである。0G – 1Gの宇宙環境に住む人間は新しい進化の可能性に直面すると予想されるが、姿勢支援ロボットはその進化のあり方に影響を及ぼすことができる。さらに、姿勢支援ロボットの導入により、人びとのふる舞いが地上とは大きく変化することが予想され、宇宙における居住空間デザイン情報デザインライフスタイルデザインコミュニケーションデザイン~もそれにつれて変化することが求められていく。


[topic 28] in space
“Responsible for creating Space Culture”

We prevent any policy and movement that brings the ground war methods into space. We create new space agencies and companies that are independent of state power, as established space agencies and emerging private space agencies have neither effort nor capacity to stop it. Our SPACE MUSEUM is one of these organizations. We elucidate the structure of Surplus Dimensions (Parallel World). We allow everyone to live in Surplus Dimensions. Since Surplus Dimensions are composed of different matters, those who live in one Surplus Dimension can interact with those who live in another Surplus Dimension, but it is structurally impossible to attack. People who have begun to live in space are responsible for creating space culture that overcomes the mistakes of earth culture, and in fact they have a strong desire for it.


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