Love with Elena / エレナと愛し合う


The way “how to love” each other between Elena, who has roots in Mars, and me, I am an earthling, is quite different. This is because Elena is basically an aerial dweller. Elena grew up on Mars in one-third gravity, so it takes time to get used to one gravity after she meets me and lives on Earth. And since I and Elena don’t think it’s too long before we leave Earth and travel to some planet, Elena doesn’t need to get used to the global environment.



In addition, Elena always bites my neck lightly before kissing or having sex with me, making sure that there is a slight blood bleeding there. It is said that Elena will be “minded” only after seeing the blood. Every time I feel like I’m being attacked by a vampire, I have to put up with a slight pain, but I can’t help it because it’s Elena’s “habit” as a Martian inhabitant. Many Martian residents have a transparent body, so it is an effective way to check how much the other person has a real body.