Water Wings / 水の翼に

I met a wonderful dancer named Ana in Mexico City. When she gets serious, she looks at people with indescribably beautiful eyes with a very strong eye light. Her friend told me that she died shortly after I returned to Japan. I can’t believe it, she was so young and so fine. I want to see her.

In my sense, when the world is likened to an “Expanding Sphere,” the living world is nothing more than the “Surface of Sphere,” while the dead world belongs to the “Inside of Sphere,” which is truly enormous. The older I get, the more Ana-like beings, including my Elena, the “Inside of Sphere” continue to expand. In such a vast world, how can I find them? To meet them, I need to think them and draw them. I felt that its reality determines the “Quality” of the encounter with them.

In the painting of them, they wears “Water Wings” on their naked back and dances innocently at the beach.


世界を「膨張する球」に例える時、私の感覚では、生者の世界が「球の表面」に存在するだけなのに対し、死者の世界は「球の内部」に属し、その数はまさに膨大である。私が年を取るほど、私のエレナを含めてアナのような存在が増え、「球の内部」も膨張を続ける。そんな広大な世界の中で、彼女たちをどうやって探せばいいのか? 彼女たちに会うためには、彼女たちを思うこと。そして、彼女たちを描くこと。そのリアルさが彼女たちとの出会いの「質」を決めるのだと私は感じている。